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The Art Of Wearing A Designer Watch

Are you thinking about upgrading your style and really showing how sophisticated and classy you are? Well, you don’t have to think hard and long—find an elegant designer watch. When it comes to watches, quality is king, and there are no better quality pieces than designer ones. These not only make a huge statement but also ensure you get a product that’s of the highest quality and accuracy. But how do you wear such a little piece of art? Here are a few tips that will lift up your style and make you look absolutely dashing.

Gold or platinum?
Women can get away with so much more than men when it comes to shape, size and materials (just take a look at Gucci and their unique collection for ladies). If you want to create an elegant and formal evening look, gold or platinum is the way to go. For decades, people considered gold to be a daytime metal and at night, everyone used to switch to platinum or white gold. Still, most evening cufflinks and studs are made from white metals because they look better with more precious elements like diamonds and sapphires. If you’re a man wearing platinum cufflinks, make sure to match them with your watch and leave your yellow gold at home.

Match it with your shoes
It’s best if your shoes match the leather strap of your watch, no matter if you’re a woman or a man. If you’re doing a completely different and bold look with various colors, like red or green, that’s fine, but wearing a black strap with brown shoes is a big no-no. If you love to vary your shoes, you can always get a watch with interchangeable straps. Designers like Tom Ford made watches with straps that can be easily switched for fresh new looks in any situation.

Choose white for the summer
Summer is a perfect season for airy and fresh colors like white, so feel free to sport a white watch. While summer watches go well with anything from informal skirts or linen jackets to formal cocktail dresses or suits. When your white strap contrasts your tanned skin or when it peeks out from under your white shirt, the look will feel very summery. Japanese know that, so if you’re looking for something elegant, search for quality Japanese watches online and you’ll find just what you need. White straps look perfect on both automatic and quartz watches, so whichever you prefer, you will get the desired look.

Simple is better
Unless it’s important for you to show off what amazing things your watch can do, it’s best to opt for something simple. Having a watch with three chronometers and diving options is useless when you don’t race or dive, so they might just end up looking a tiny bit tacky.

Is other jewelry allowed?
Unless you’re really young and careless, wearing cheap bracelets made out of beads and other tacky materials you can get for a few dollars at the beach is super unnecessary. What you can wear with your watch (for day looks) is something very simple like a thin gold, silver or white metal bracelet. But, since watches are already elegant and decorative, it’s best to wear it solo in the evening.

Don’t be scared to mix styles
If you’re trying to look very classy, don’t hesitate to acquire a more traditionalist view. For instance, a tuxedo is very formal and shouldn’t be changed at all. You need to pair it with an evening watch (or ditch a watch altogether) and keep your diving or racing watch for less formal, suit-and-tie events.

Keep it under wraps
While women can show off their wonderful designer watch however they like, men should be a little less coy about it. It’s best to keep your watch under the cuff. It will still show when you reach across the table or offer to shake your hand. If you have a very special Chopard watch and a friend who’s into timepieces, discuss your prized possession by all means, but otherwise, let the subtlety and elegance of the watch speak for itself.

Get a full-length mirror
No matter who you are and what kind of watch you prefer, before you leave the house, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. This allows you to notice whether your watch looks too sleazy with your outfit or if it fits perfectly with your new shoes. Having an opportunity to take a head to toe look at your outfit will provide to be the best judge of your look.

Once you put on your designer watch, you will instantly feel like a new and more important person. However, just because something is designer, it doesn’t mean you can wear it without any regards to the occasion and your outfit. So, keep these little tips in mind in order to stay classy and attract just the right type of attention.

Article by Peter, a lifestyle and travel writer at Men-Ual and Ivania's Mode magazine, living between the UK and Australia.