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Rose Ferguson, Hadda Akrim and Bryony Deery Join Dior Spa

Rose Ferguson, Hadda Akrim and Bryony Deery Dior Spa
T o further inspire a complete lifestyle which integrates body and mind harmony, Dior Spa has established an international well-being team, welcoming three new Dior wellness experts that include Rose Ferguson, Hadda Akrim and Bryony Deery.

Rose Ferguson, a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, created the 5 Day Plan to rebalance food habits and promote overall well-being. Hadda Akrim is an English facialist known for her effective, holistic skin treatments. She developed the Kobi-Dior facial treatment featuring an exclusive figure-8 manual massage. Pilates expert, Bryony Deery, combines classic mat Pilates with contemporary movements. Bryony will hold sessions during the Dior Cruise in Paris and at wellness retreats in Antibes and Dubai.

Dior Spa

Since its first Spa opened over fifteen years ago, Dior has developed a global well-being philosophy which promotes a holistic vision of wellness that extends beyond traditional beauty and skincare.This approach combines unique techniques, high-tech tools, and treatments focusing on sleep, vitality, digestive balance, and stress management. Dior's new team includes renowned specialists, enhancing the brand's comprehensive wellness philosophy through the concept of Dior Spa Science.

Dior's wellness expertise spans seven areas: facial treatments, muscle work, anatomical improvement, nutrition, relaxation, and emotional well-being. Working with specialists, Dior offers redesigned treatments and customizable programs, available during wellness retreats at Dior Spas and exclusive events. These experiences, supported by customized advice, help guests maintain well-being routines at home.