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Cathy Guetta at The Helm of the International Clubbing Scene

Cathy Guetta
While her name is synonymous with that of her ex-husband, the world-renowned DJ
David Guetta, Cathy Guetta is a force to be reckoned with on the party scene. In Paris, she is known as the queen of extravagant soirées before she made of Ibiza her new throne. Over the years, Cathy established a famed title for events listed on the Spanish island’s must-dos for party-enthusiasts from around the globe.

Cathy is empowering, fearless and manages multiple lucrative businesses. She was recently at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival to promote her latest project, which was our opportunity to meet up and look back at her career and life philosophy.

AM: Cathy, you exude power and confidence. Is it something you were born with or that you developed over the years?
Cathy Guetta: Growing up I didn’t think I was confident. I earned my confidence once I started a career in nightlife. It’s a profession that necessitates a certain attitude to maintain the respect of people around you. What was even more important for me was my parents’ trust, they supported my job and never judged me when I decided to work abroad. I also gained my work ethics and determination from them. This is my force on a daily basis.

AM: As a “woman boss” have you ever felt like you needed to work harder to prove yourself in the industry?
Cathy Guetta: It is true that clubbing is a male-dominated milieu, but for me, I never felt like I cannot do what a man does. I actually have unique and additional aspects like my look, charm and personality. I feel empowered when I have to impose my vision on a dozen men, and because of that, I’ve been treated as an equal from the very beginning.

AM: What are some key traits that one needs to have to become a successful entrepreneur like yourself?
Cathy Guetta: You have to be rigorous, not give up and trust your vision. Never look back and always search for solutions. Be accessible and close to people while preserving their respect for you. Be generous in giving people what they deserve and what makes them happy. My passion allows me to forget my work and enjoy what I do.

AM: And how has your life with David Guetta impacted your work flow?
Cathy Guetta: If I have not met David, I wouldn’t have had the entrepreneurial spirt I am known for. I was always creative and a good host. But with him I learned to become my own boss and launch business projects. And I think without me he wouldn’t have had my vision for nightlife; I had already established the right mindset and a good understanding of the clubbing scene before we met. We were a good match and successful partners; we always gave our full potential.

AM: Tell us more about Ibiza, what first attracted you to the island?
Cathy Guetta: Ibiza is very close to my heart. During my first visit we went to all the clubs and enjoyed the music, the people and the vibes. We didn’t know that a place like that even existed. David and I were known in France but wanted to launch something big in Ibiza. There were few tourists from France at the time, and little by little, we incited French visitors to come to our infamous parties and merchandise stores. People were queuing to join us. David wasn’t famous internationally so he become a phenomenon with his infamous French touch. I handled the show aspects; the costumes, dancers and decor. I had VIP clients from Paris who followed me there. The setting gave us an international visibility. My children grew up in Ibiza and I meet my friends and clients all the time. Ibiza is for all social classes, whether you are a student, a clubber, a jetsetter, there will always be a dreamy element for you. There is no judgment, it’s diverse and welcomes everyone. It’s the island to be.

AM: And would you say that the party scene has changed over the years?
Cathy Guetta: I think people still like to enjoy themselves just with different kinds of music. Back then it was all about rock bands and now DJs are the stars. And of course, social media is connecting party goers everywhere and things are moving faster. But the most important thing is that parties are still going on even 30 years after. Everything needs to evolve with time, so change should be embraced and not resisted.

AM: In your opinion, what does it take to organize a perfect party à la Cathy Guetta?
Cathy Guetta: There should be a good DJ, it’s my first rule before anything else. Also, premium sound equipment and an original theme with invitees who have an affinity with the mood of the event. A good venue, good food and drinks are also important. But the most essential is the right music, all the rest comes later.

AM: After all these years why are you keen on supporting DJs through your new mobile application Djaayz?
Cathy Guetta: My application finds you a DJ in a few clicks no matter what event you want to throw; a wedding, birthday or private dinner. It makes party organization easier and gives the opportunity and support for young DJs to establish a client base. We act like a digital agent and we go through their work and validate their style and offering. The idea of linking the organizer with the artist gratifies me. I want to see people entertained, and I want to make the booking process of a DJ accessible to everyone.