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Digital Cover featuring Kim Hnizdo

Kim Hnizdo x Arabian Moda
Kim Hnizdo wears Ziad Nakad Couture.

Kim Hnizdo was a lawyer-in-the-making when she decided to follow her dreams and join the cast of Germany’s Next Topmodel. Weeks into the competition, the promising model became a fan-favorite before landing the esteemed title, one that instigated an international career in fashion capitals worldwide.

We talk to Kim about her journey as a renowned model and her commitment to a thriving career
in fashion and a happy day-to-day life.

Fashion Editor & Stylist: Victor Concepto
Photographer & Filmmaker: Joy Strotz
Makeup Artist: Shahrzad lozani
Hair Stylist: Alex Von Trentini
Location: Cannes, France

AM: How did you kickstart your modeling career?
I started modeling overnight when I quit my law studies to join the cast of Germany’s Next Topmodel and won the competition in 2016. Since then, I dedicated my life for my career, signed with world leading modeling agencies, and lived in multiple fashion capitals. Nowadays, I am working hard to leave my footprint while looking pretty.

AM: In your opinion, why is the modeling world perceived as a difficult one?
The most challenging thing is starting your career at a very young age, and the beginning is mostly rough. There are countless difficulties in the business but being in it as a teenager doesn’t make it any easier.

AM: You are often invited to film festivals, have you considered acting?
I’ve played my character a few times in German productions, but besides that there are two things holding me back. The first is that I’ve been very busy with modeling. The second is that I’ve worked so hard on becoming me and discovering my genuine self after playing a model role almost every day on set. So, for the moment I am just enjoying being me.

Kim Hnizdo x Arabian Moda
Dress, Ziad Nakad Couture.

AM: And do you think that having the label of a model could be an obstacle for any career you decide to pursue next?
What truly counts for me is that anyone can be whoever and whatever they want to be. And I, for sure, will follow this philosophy in any career I pursue afterwards.

AM: Looking back at your professional accomplishments, what is your proudest moment?
I am grateful for everything and everyone who’s part of my work and life, and I am very lucky to call some of the most iconic brands of our industry like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Burberry and Dior, my clients.

AM: You have also become an influencer with a large Instagram following, how did it start?
It all started after Germany’s Next Topmodel show. I transformed my life into that of a real Topmodel, and hence became a role model for some. I’m just sharing how my real and everyday life looks like on Instagram for anyone who could be interested.

Kim Hnizdo x Arabian Moda
Jacket and dress, Ziad Nakad Couture.

AM: What is the main message that you send to your followers?
To follow my main life mantra: You can be anyone and everything you want to be!

AM: When it comes to fashion, how would you describe your style?
I just love expressing myself through fashion! When my mood is changing my style does too. I might be casually dressed on a comfortable laid-back kind of day, mostly in black, and all over the place on a social day.

AM: And how is your beauty and health regimen like?
I listen intuitively to what my body and my soul need. All that with 8 hours of sleep, tons of water and smiles, and it’s all set.

AM: Finally, what are some of your upcoming projects?
I might have a TV comeback in between all the fashion weeks happening. Just follow me @kimhnizdo and you will be one of the first to know.