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The Epitome of Wellness and Body Sculpting with Martine de Richeville

Martine de Richeville

In the world of beauty and wellness there are many trends that come and go, but some techniques stand the test of time. Martine de Richeville’s body sculpting method is one that has revolutionized the industry. The French body sculptor has been helping women achieve their desired body shape for over 20 years using a unique approach that blends deep-tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, and acupressure. Martine's signature method is not just about physical transformation, but also focuses on enhancing the mind-body connection leaving her clients feeling both rejuvenated and empowered. 

 With a loyal following that includes some of the biggest names in the fashion and entertainment industry, the Martine de Richeville method has become a cult favorite for anyone looking to achieve a toned body.
We spoke with Martine about her innovative approach and explored why it has become popular among women around the world.

AM: Martine, please tell us how you developed your infamous massage business?
It was something that I did very intuitively in the massage industry. I just kept imagining the type of service that I would like to receive, a massage that is useful. I originally studied psychology and I have a diploma in acupuncture. I’ve worked in the industry for 14 years. My background is quite vast, it’s partially psychological, commercial and technical. I then reunited all of my skills and knowledge and created this method that is based on the fact that all materials are transferable. I gave myself a push and worked alone for three years. Once I moved to Paris, I recruited my first employee whom I trained. I started building my clientele through word of mouth because people saw the actual results. I later on started investing in marketing, communication and social media. Right now, we are planning on opening a school to teach our expertise. We’re present in several locations in Paris including Galeries Lafayette, the Ala├»a stores and many more. We’re also present in Montpellier, London, New York, Geneva, Madrid, Marbella and the next one on our list will be in Monaco.

AM: For those who are unfamiliar with the process of body sculpting, could you please give us more insight?
It is all about re-sculpting your body, we believe that the body is a reflection of one's mental state. By working on your body, we end up working on your mental health. So, the idea is to allow women to re-appropriate their bodies in a positive way. We focus on their cellulite, all their blood and energetic circuits. It's a very complete massage that involves toning the skin in case there's any sagginess. On average, results are seen after the fifth session. Women feel liberated and lighter. It's quite addicting for them and some of our clients have been coming on a weekly basis for many years now.

Martine de Richeville

AM: Does the treatment require machines or products?
It is 100 percent manual. We use a little bit of oil. We don't want to incorporate machines because we're all about sensations and we can recognize the needs of our clients with touch. Machines can’t do that and aren’t part of my philosophy.

AM: And do permanent clients get assisted by the same masseuse?
Yes. We try our best to make sure that each client gets her regular masseuse especially the ones that come frequently. If a client comes every once in a while, we also try to accommodate her as much as we can because they create bonds together; they talk to their masseuses and open up. It allows them to let go of their feelings and release their traumas.

AM: What is a typical profile of your client?
Our clients are very different and diversified. We have clients between the ages of 25 to 80. I don’t usually take younger than 25 unless they really want to experience our massage and it’s usually their mothers who refer them to us. The protocol is the same but we adapt the treatment according to the needs of each and every one of our clients. People’s bodies react to stress in different ways. It’s also adapted to all body shapes and sizes.

AM: What’s your philosophy in a world where you have two extremes varying between body positivity and people who are pro-plastic surgery?
I don’t believe in imposing anything over women or making them feel vexed. Each body is special and reacts to things differently. If I for example have a client who is overweight, I would never tell her to diet because it’s just frustrating. I would however suggest controlling her sugar intake because sugar is dangerous for everyone and it’s poisonous. Then through our massages we work on her body and the things she would like to change. I want to encourage women to be healthy and accompany them towards accepting themselves.

Martine de Richeville

AM: And how do you deal with clients who are harsh on themselves?
I try to show them that they are special and that beauty isn’t on the outside. During my career I’ve met some gorgeous women who hated themselves. Beauty really is in the mind and it’s about self-perception. They project how they feel about themselves from the inside to the outside. 

AM: Any challenges you faced as a woman CEO?
I never really faced issues regarding those matters. People usually struggle with other people when they lack confidence, my strength comes from the fact that I trust myself. You could say that I got lucky to have a supportive mother and it stuck with me. You need to decide something and go for it. I like what I do so I figure out ways to get what I want. We all have to start somewhere. Just know if something doesn't work you can always do something else.

AM: What’s the highlight of your career?
It’s not something I think about. I just do things out of passion and I’ll tell you honestly, the fact that I love what I do fills my life with joy. It’s just natural for me. If I had to pick something though it could be the perfume I’m launching because it’s the expression of the mother, the grandmother and love from my childhood. These women really impacted my life, they struggled, they were beautiful and they transmitted lessons to me that allowed me to do and be better. This perfume will be an homage that will be launched in Galeries Lafayette, in Saks in New York and it will be available online around the end of the month of May. The nose behind it is a woman who previously worked with Guerlain.

AM: Other long-term projects?
I want to keep developing in different locations including Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.