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Vie En Rose by Malea Rose: The Skincare Product You Need to Know

Malea Rose - Vie En Rose
Imagined by actress, writer and former competitive surfer Malea Rose, the skincare brand Vie En Rose includes a range of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory botanical products for a glass-worthy skin and a healthy-looking glow. The accessible luxury brand centers around anti-aging products formulated with perfect potent ingredients from science and nature such as CBD and Cannarose.

Malea, whose career includes roles in the hit series New Girl, Two and a half Men, and Entourage, is already gaining a celebrity-following for Vie En Rose. Celebrities like Sydney Sweeney, Tracy Cunningham, Alice Kremelberg, Connie Britton, Paris Hilton have praised the skincare brand.

We spoke to Malea Rose about the concept and story behind her new project, Vie En Rose.

AM: Tell us more about the ethos of Vie En Rose, and where did the idea come from?
Vie En Rose is an extension of every bit of me, especially my eclectic personality and style. I’m a natural born hippie flower child from the North Shore of Kauai. I grew up around botanicals in a bikini, and there was always a lot of skin showing that needed protecting and nurturing. Mix that with an East Coast, Manhattan posh, attention to detail, old Hollywood glam, and luxury, and you have Vie En Rose. I love sparkles, pink, and disco, but I love cool color pallets and minimalism. I try and focus as much on my inner world as my outer, so the holistic element is necessary. The DNA is sexy French (because French women are so chic), old Hollywood, and avant-garde, mixed with floral, jet-setter, sparkly, beachy paradise. It’s all about the skin.

AM: Why Vie En Rose name?
It’s my favorite phrase. It’s how I want to live my life – through rose-colored glasses. It also quite literally translates to “life in pink”. The first time I heard the Edith Piaf song, my heart melted. Then Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. It emanates all things romantic and gentle, yet fierce, lovely, soft, and beautiful. Also, I’m not trendy. I’m a trendsetter! I was doing pink long before everyone else. The Barbie movie made it outrageously popular, finally! It’s the happiest color ever. I had to fight for two years for the trademark for Vie En Rose, but it was worth it. It perfectly encapsulates the brand. I’d also love to come visit, any excuse for Paris!

AM: What are some of the star products?
I’m a Mile High Ultra-Hydrating Mist fanatic. It's always going to be my hero/1st product because it’s everything you need, and travel sized. It smells like heaven, protects and hydrates your skin, and it is packed with hyaluronic acid, organic aloe, rose stem cell, Swiss glacier water, coconut water, rosewater, and CannaroseTM Complex. I created the mist because I was always on the go and my skin was suffering from planes and climate change. It also is the best makeup primer and refresher… It’s my favorite skincare product on the market.

Malea Rose - Vie En Rose

AM: Why did you decide to have a high-quality yet affordable brand?
I am my own customer and Vie En Rose blossomed because I was looking to cure my skin. It’s not fair to have to break the bank for products that don’t deliver results. We have one body for our entire lives. It’s a scary thought. I want to put clean quality ingredients in and on my body, I make it easy for you, and take care of myself. I worked hard to get the price as low as possible, while still doing small batches and not decreasing the potent quality ingredients and carrier oils. I want the everyday working girl with sensitive skin, blemishes, or dryness to be able to buy one of my products and get the benefits of all the 30+ botanicals and skin balancing blends.

AM: Do you think that having a celebrity status like yours is an advantage for launching a brand?
I’m actually a very private person. Kind of an introverted extrovert. I chose to not go the “influencer” route when I could have. I had a private Instagram account till probably 2020. I chose to not do reality TV. I was offered to star in a Vanderpump spin off following me as an actress in LA on Bravo, but I just didn’t see that being my future at the time. I took acting, my craft, very seriously and it just felt like a sellout move. I think what sets me apart is my work ethic. It's actually quite the opposite, it’s that I don’t rely on my ‘status” to get places or have people do things for me. I get my hands dirty. I founded a company from the ground up with no experience because of my drive, not any status… and I’m still standing!
AM: How did the stars discover Vie En Rose, and what was their feedback like? 
My background is 15 years in Hollywood, and I am so diligent when I take on a job, so I have the most lovely and supportive contacts and friendships that have blossomed over the years. I also have these amazing celeb makeup artist friends who discovered my Mile High Mist was the best makeup routine addition, especially under harsh lights and sets. We are all always about the skin, makeup is to enhance beauty, not cover your beauty. The feedback has been phenomenal- and you know these are people who have access to the best of the best and get most things for free. It feels amazing that people love these beautiful products I’ve created. All ages, ethnicities, genders, and skin types.

Malea Rose - Vie En Rose

AM: And what about your collaboration with The White Lotus Season 2 and 3?
What a magical experience it has been so far. Two of my best girlfriends, Emmy nominated Rebecca Hickey and celeb makeup artist Gia Marie were doing the makeup. They had invited me to Hawaii, but I was too scared to travel and quarantine for 14 days. They incorporated Vie En Rose into everyone’s daily routine and in their makeup bags. I got so lucky, all the actresses fell in love with my products, heart melt moments, the most beautiful, dreamy cast, and that really helped my small business find its way into organic press and this incredible celebrity cult following. It’s a testament to my products working in every climate. Hawaii, Italy, now Thailand… where I will be going to finally visit and do some collaborations, while seeing Thailand having my own White Lotus.
AM: Besides using Vie En Rose how is your personal health and beauty regimen like?
I go through phases of diligence- lots of at home facials, and then bouts of extreme minimalism with my beauty regimen. I try to avoid wearing makeup if I don’t have to. I eat a lot of veggies, love Pilates and boxing, but I am so balanced. I like to make sure my skin is healthy at all times. If my skin is clear and my hair is done (I actually have a wild lion hair), I can get ready in five minutes. I’m pretty low maintenance. I love to splurge and pamper myself to the best facial in town by Bio Skin Beverly Hills on Roxbury. They can refresh your face from an entire summer in the sun in one visit. I also am a firm believer in beauty sleep. By the time Friday hits, I usually want to take a bath and go to bed early. Listening to your body Is important, and so are moments of quiet and downtime. That’s what self-care is. What we put in our bodies is important. I was raised on organic foods and as a vegan, so I tend to steer very healthy, but will definitely splurge when I have the desire. Life should be enjoyed.
AM: Finally, what are the challenges of being the CEO of your company? And what is your advice to all the entrepreneurs out there?
No one else is going to care about you - or your company - as much as yourself. It’s all you, no matter how much help you have, you need to drive and steer the ship. Keep your eyes on the prize while not being afraid to let go of what you thought, and let the wind carry you to where you’re supposed to be. The world moves and changes fast. For me, learning how to be assertive, speak up for myself, let my ego go, and ask for help when I need it has been so important. My biggest lesson right now is - you must delegate to scale. For a “perfectionist”, that’s hard because I’ve always had a do-it-yourself mentality, so finding and building that team will help take you to new heights. Also, don’t be greedy, know that hard work is mandatory. I believe the customer deserves quality and transparency. My products aren’t marked up for marketing hype and influencers, you’re paying for the unbeatable ingredients. That’s how you earn the trust of your customer, so they grow with you.
My mantra in business is, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” – Muhammed Ali’s greatest quote. It’s so real. My house is covered in butterflies - as is a lot of the Vie En rose branding and artwork. 

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