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Tanween Fosters Creativity in Saudi Arabia


Tanween Ithra
Ithra's Tanween Conference 2023, held in Dhahran Saudi Arabia from November 1-4, emerged as a prominent platform for creativity, design, innovation, and cultural exchange. This year's event, themed "Scale," attracted thought leaders, brands, industry experts, students, and professionals from various design disciplines including architecture, graphic design, fashion, digital media, and product design.

Tanween, in its sixth edition, aimed to celebrate, explore, and inspire the creative process, connecting individuals across the globe. It has become the largest creativity platform in Saudi Arabia, fostering connections among over 75,000 creatives and innovators since its inception in 2018. Running alongside the broader AlSharqiya Gets Creative movement, Tanween provided an environment to nurture creative potential and redefine creativity in a rapidly evolving world.

Tanween Ithra
The conference focused on the concept of scale, exploring its qualitative impacts across design disciplines. Participants engaged in critical discussions, workshops, exhibitions, panels, performances, interactive challenges, and talks. Mizna Al Zamil, Head of Creativity and Innovation, highlighted the dynamic nature of scale, emphasizing its significance in various design fields.

A notable feature of Tanween 2023 was the introduction of the Mega Challenge, which tasked 75 innovators globally to design sustainable solutions benefiting refugees in camps. The challenge addressed three key areas: education, food security, and power. Winning ideas would be evaluated and potentially implemented in refugee camps across several countries.

Tanween Ithra
The conference featured panels and talks by industry leaders, offering insights into innovative approaches and creative processes. Key speakers included Carlos Moreno, Scientific Director of the Entrepreneurship Territory Innovation lab at Sorbonne University, and Dan Goods, Creative Director leading a team at a jet propulsion laboratory. Additionally, a program called A Day With An Expert provided participants with exclusive insights into the creative processes of renowned designers like Architect Carmelo Zappulla, Lebanese Product Designer Nada Debs, and Ramzi Najjar, Chief Creative Director at DDB.

Furthermore, a dynamic exhibition titled Routes to Roots presented in collaboration with Isola, showcased works by 20 international designers exploring the power of scale in design, with a focus on heritage preservation and environmental sustainability.

Overall, Tanween 2023 reinforced Ithra's role as a hub for creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange. It continues to connect creatives, innovators, and experts, fostering new ideas, opportunities, and creative growth.