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Introducing Rising Actress Tara Abboud


Tara Abboud
With her natural talent, dedication, and passion for the craft, Tara Abboud is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after actresses in the region. The Jordanian-Palestinian talent is landing roles on global steaming platforms like Disney Plus and has become a regular at the film festivals of Cannes, Venice and the Red Sea.

AM: When did you start acting?
It just happened. I started doing short films when I was 8-years old and through word of mouth I kept participating in short films. I got my big audition in 2019 and have pursued the career ever since.

AM: Generally speaking, what kind of films do you seek?
I feel like it depends on the opportunities I get and whether or not I like the story. I would like to tap into different genres other than drama. I like to do comedy and other types of movies and series. I want to broaden my artistic experiences.

AM: You mentioned a project with Disney plus…
Yes, it's a thriller about people who are targeted after they mug someone important. They try to survive, it's mysterious and it was very nice working on something that was fictional.

AM: Growing up who did you look up to?
Well, I used to watch Disney Channel a lot. I love Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Zendaya. Now it's changing and it's Viola Davis. She's a very powerful actress.  

AM: As a rising Arab actress, how optimistic are you about what the industry is going to unveil for young talented people like you?
I think the industry is really growing exponentially in the past few years. We've been seeing the Middle East flourish. We have a lot of projects and productions investing in the Middle East. Of course, the Red Sea Film Festival is an example of how it's going in Saudi Arabia, the development is phenomenal.

AM: And how would you describe the industry in Jordan?
I’m very grateful for the effort the Royal Film Commission is putting in. They are really working hard on attracting the most important projects in the Middle East and giving talents a chance to get out there. We have a lot of Netflix productions coming and Hollywood projects being shot in Jordan.