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Digital Cover featuring Dr. Khlood Arab

Arabian Moda x Saudi 100 Brands
Dr. Khlood wears a Mashael Al Faris gown and Luda Jewelry.

Dr. Khlood Arab is not your ordinary doctor. The Saudi cosmetic dentist divides her time between a lively clinic and an artistic atelier where she imagines Luda Jewelry’s spectacular creations. Though she juggles separate careers Dr. Arab’s mission, with both her patients and clients, remains the same; to draw a long-lasting smile.

As we celebrate the Saudi National Day, the Crown Prince's dream-driven vision and the Saudi 100 Brands’ recent Parisian takeover, we talk to Dr. Khlood about her pride in being a Saudi woman and the triumph of her homeland’s fashion sector worldwide.  

Fashion Editor & Stylist: Victor Concepto  
Photographer & Filmmaker: Habib Dargham   
Location: Paris, France

AM: From dentistry to design, what first pushed you to launch Luda Jewelry?
Creating smiles is what I like to do. My happiness comes in different forms through an appreciation for the emerging fashion world and the power of uniquely designed jewelry. While working as a full-time cosmetic dentist, my relationship with jewelry began as an accidental love that grew into a strong passion. And while both professions may seem different, they are more similar than one might think. Dentistry and jewelry-making are technically and physically alike, they require artistic creativity, meticulous work and an eye for perfection. In 2017, a unique idea for jewelry came to my mind; a flowered-themed brand that revolves around the language of florals and which blossomed into Luda Jewelry.

AM: And how are you able to juggle a medical and creative career?
Balancing between my two passions and trying to shine in both is quite difficult, time consuming and extremely challenging but hard work always pays off. When you do something with your full heart it drives success. Passion is like an eternal energy that gives you power to realize your dreams. I feel like I can accomplish anything when I have a clear objective, drive and a support system.
AM: How would you describe the Luda Jewelry universe?
It is inspired by the language of flowers and their enchanting beauty. My collections pair the symbolism of flowers to heartfelt meanings. Each evoke a special memory, occasion and emotion embodied in a unique piece. Our first collection launched was called Bouquet of Flowers. It included 12 variations of white gold cuffs adorned with white diamonds. At the center each featured precious and semi-precious gemstones in the form of a beautiful radiant flower representing one of the 12 months of the year. Over the seasons, the pieces evolved in creativity and glamour all while preserving our original ethos.

Arabian Moda x Saudi 100 Brands
Dress, Adnan Akbar. Jewelry set, Luda Jewelry.

AM: Guide us through the creative and production process
Creativity is a quality required for every profession. Design is a form of expression that reflects your background, personality and the way you see the world. Jewelry design requires a lot of that. I try my best to work on my collections from concept to creation to production. I take into consideration the timeless styles with the latest trends and novel materials of gemstones. All this has led to our Luda signature bouquet of flowers, floral petal sparkles, leaves of dreams, and the blooming kingdom piece that toured with us from Riyadh to New York, Milan and most recently Paris.
AM: How does it feel to be part of the Saudi 100 Brands program?
Luda Jewelry was selected as part of the 100 Saudi Brands program because it meets international standards in its exquisite designs and outstanding quality. I am so proud to be an ambassador for Saudi women, showing the world what we can do. I want to prove to aspiring Saudi creatives that anything is possible no matter what your background is.
AM: In what way is the Saudi Fashion Commission changing the industry?
Saudi designers are undeniably leaving their unique footprints on the local and international scene. With the support of our Fashion Comission, Saudi fashion is evolving and striving to be globally recognized. The Saudi craftsmanship and creativity are being introduced through different initiatives in capital cities such as New York, Milan and Paris. This is the dream of every emerging designer. We gained a huge brand exposure and built a solid and unique fashion community.
The Saudi Vision 2030 is supporting brilliant minds in our society. Our leader and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman stated “Our ambition is sky high” – it is that vision that is creating a new chapter.

Arabian Moda x Saudi 100 Brands
Dress, Yousef Akbar. Handcuff bracelet, Luda Jewelry.

AM: Tell us more about the Saudi impact during Paris Fashion Week
I was honored when my brand was selected amongst couture houses that showcased at the Ritz Hotel.  Paris is the city of romance and Luda Jewelry is also very dreamy and sensual. It translates its deepest feelings through floral meanings of hope, new beginnings, opulence, hospitality and much more. These are natural traits of Saudis that the world appreciates.
Moreover, Luda Jewelry’s designs tend to have an eclectic hidden mix of blending our Saudi rich rooted heritage into contemporary jewelry pieces where East meets West. This glowing beauty of high-end jewelry, and that of Saudi fashion houses, reflects the majestic nature of my nation. 

AM: What kind of feedback did you receive from international press and buyers in Paris?
Considering the fierce international competition, those who have been standing out in the markets are brands that present a potential for creativity. Feedback from our customers, buyers, press and visitors is all promising so that our brand is globally recognized, treasured and worn with love.
AM: And what’s next for Luda Jewelry?
Right now, we are promoting our latest collection Eternal Love, inspired by the essence of the city of love. Luda Jewelry will then continue thriving each season through new creations and in different parts of the world.