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Digital Cover featuring Catrinel Marlon

Arabian Moda x Catrinel Marlon
Catrinel Marlon wears Vaishali S Couture and Teilor earrings.
Through her work in modeling and acting, Catrinel Marlon has promoted Romanian and Italian culture on the international scene. Having achieved recognition and success in the entertainment industry, she is adding director to her extensive credits with Sunflowers, her soon-to-be released feature film.

We spoke to Catrinel about her homeland, her versatile career and the importance of family.

Fashion Editor & Stylist: Victor Concepto
Photographer & Filmmaker: Joy Strotz
Makeup Artist: Shahrzad lozani
Hair Stylist: Alex Von Trentini
Location: Cannes, France

AM: Please introduce our readers to Catrinel Marlon
I am the daughter of two athletics and gymnastics champions, a former model, and an actress. I have been devoting myself to directing and film production as well. Two years ago, I accepted a challenge from a children's brand and I am currently working with them as an art director. It’s a new sector that brings me so much happiness in a pure environment.

AM: You are a melting pot of cultures, tell us more…
Growing up between Romania and Italy has certainly exposed me to two distinct yet quite similar cultures. Modeling jobs allowed me to travel all over the world and discover different cultures and this has definitely shaped who I am today. I am a citizen of the world; I believe that cultural differences should drive us to get closer to one another. At the end of the day there is one essential element that unites us all; we are unquestionably human beings. You can recognize humanity in the eyes of every person you pass on the street, even if they don't have the same language, religion, or eat the same food that you do.

AM: And what are some things you love about Romania?
It is difficult for me to answer this question without getting carried away by emotions. Although I no longer live there it will forever be my native country. It’s worth mentioning that Romania is full of picaresque places to see, starting from the forests to the Black Sea coast. To travel in Romania means to be lucky enough to meet simple people, marked by life, and who have so much to tell. Individuals who had to embrace a difficult history of communism and dictatorship that is not yet overcome. A trip to Romania gives you so much; watching the bears that live free in the forests of the Carpathians Mountains, your heart pounds as you make sure not to make any noise. Getting lost in the narrow streets of unknown villages that don't even exist on maps. Looking at the breathtaking views from 2,000 meters above sea level on a cold chilly weather in the middle of summer. Meeting and getting to know the Romanian people, not as a mere tourist, but as one of them. Tasting typical dishes with new ingredients. Dancing the night away in a square to traditional music without knowing a single step. There are many reasons that make Romania the place to be.

Arabian Moda x Catrinel Marlon
Earrings, Teilor. Dress, Vaishali S Couture.
AM: And when did your passion for acting first start?
I started my acting career by accident, it was more the desire of a friend of mine who was a casting director. It was an adventure that had a great start followed by many interesting job offers that I abandoned after the pandemic. I realized that the most important thing for me is to be with my family every night and not away for work. An office job or a career as a filmmaker gives me much more satisfaction; I can decide when to work, and more specifically, where I am in the world.

AM: Was having the label of a model an obstacle in this milieu?
I can't say that there were direct obstacles especially that my fashion background has helped me a lot. A model is like an actress who performs without speaking. Of course, I have been told that I was too beautiful for a role, but these are just clichés that no longer exist today. I started my career as a model 22 years ago, and 13 years ago as an actress, luckily many things have changed since then.

AM: What is one of the most challenging roles you have done?
One of the roles that struck me the most was certainly that of Gilda in the film The Whistlers. For an entire year I had to study a language made of whistles. Il Silbo is an ancient language that is part of the UNESCO heritage. The role was equally interesting and it was my first participation in a Romanian film as I started my acting career in Italy.

AM: You have gained a strong Instagram following, how do you manage your digital presence?
I am very happy about the following I have gained on Instagram and to be a source of inspiration for many young girls since 80% of my audience is women. I don't love the over exposure very much to be honest, but it is a communication tool that is in great demand and is indispensable. However, I do limit the publication of private things as much as possible, which is what I practice on a personal level as well.

AM: Finally, what are some of your upcoming projects?
The start of the year held a lot of good news on a personal and professional level and which I will start executing in the near future. Nanán, the children's brand that I am art directing, will have a grandiose launching event in October at the largest shopping center in Dubai. In other news, my first feature film as a director is called Sunflowers and it will premiere at a very important film festival.