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Digital Cover featuring Carlos Azar


Carlos Azar x Arabian Moda
Carlos wears an embroidered jacket by Orient 499 and a Maison Montignac timepiece.  

Lebanese heart-throb Carlos Azar is one of the most prominent entertainers on the pan-Arab scene. The multi-disciplinary actor has managed to charm audiences with his ability to portray a wide range of characters, from dramatic and intense roles, to comedic and lighthearted ones. With occasional ventures into music, Carlos has recently made an official comeback with his summer hit Kel Ma Bdeelik.

From beautiful Beirut, and at an exceptional spot, Carlos Azar posed for Arabian Man Moda in Lebanese designs and timepieces by Maison Montignac as he gave readers an insight into his personal and professional endeavors.

Fashion Editor & Stylist: Victor Concepto
Photographer & Filmmaker: Homere Semaane
Makeup Artist: Takla Abboud
Hair Stylist: Ayman Hussein
Location: Hotel Arthaus Beirut, Lebanon 
Talent Manager: Eliane Al Hajj
Media Consulting Agency: Medium MENA

AM: Carlos, when did you first decide to become an actor?
I can’t pinpoint a period in my life simply because it was the only profession I have ever envisioned for myself. Though my father’s background has certainly inspired and encouraged me to commit to a career in entertainment. 

AM: And who are some of the actors you looked up to?
I was inspired by several local Lebanese actors. On an international level it has to be Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Daniel Day-Lewis for their versatile roles.

Carlos Azar x Arabian Moda
Shirt and trousers, Aboud Jammal.

AM: Do you believe that Lebanese male actors need to work twice as hard to prove themselves on the pan-Arab scene?
It’s not just about working harder it’s more about the casting formula that producers are now following. As Lebanese actors we need to find a way to be part of pan-Arab projects without tarnishing our image.
AM: You dedicated more time for acting in the past years, why did you decide to relaunch a singing career just recently?
I started off my acting career because I was offered many opportunities while I was still in school. I released a couple of songs later on, took a break, and now decided to have an official comeback with the support of Universal Music Group.

Carlos Azar x Arabian Moda
Watch, Maison Montignac. Shirt, Aboud Jammal.

AM: Would you be willing to shift your entire attention to music only?
There’s no shift, they will always complement each other and I will try my best to balance both.
AM: Between TV, cinema, music and theatre, where does your heart truly belong?
I actually consider them as a package and I enjoy doing them all. The best would be to combine the elements in a musical theatre, it’s a form of art that allows me to invest my talents, all while enjoying the unique proximity with spectators that only the theater can establish. 

Carlos Azar x Arabian Moda
Jacket and trousers, Orient 499.

AM: We challenged your daily style in our fashion shoot. What clothes make you feel confident on a daily basis?
I usually opt for comfortable and sporty looks throughout the day. I have to say it was quite fun to dress up and be out of my comfort zone for a few hours.
AM: And how is your health and sports regimen like?
I do sports every morning; I work out five days a week and play basketball on a weekly basis. I follow a healthy diet and avoid foods saturated with sugars and salts.

Carlos Azar x Arabian Moda
Shirt and shorts, Perverse Label.

AM: After years of success and hard work, what is your proudest moment?
I am proud of every step I took in the past 22 years. I have of course participated in projects where the results didn’t meet my expectations, but that’s rarely an actor’s fault. I am now at a stage that allows me to be more selective and avoid risks.
AM: What projects are currently in the works?
My song and music video for Kel Ma Bdeelik have been released online. My latest Egyptian series Seeb Wa Ana Aseeb is available on, and most of my archive, including Stiletto series, can be streamed on platforms around the world.