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Digital Cover featuring Stefania Cristian

Arabian Moda x Stefania Cristian
Stefania wears a dress by Skytten Couture.

A rising model, aspiring actress and environmentally conscious persona. Romanian-Italian Stefania Cristian talks about juggling a career in entertainment while staying true to herself.

Fashion Editor & Stylist: Victor Concepto
Photographer: Joy Strotz
Hair & Makeup Artists: Maryna Armoudom and Victoria Khanlari from Team Lena Yasenkova
Model: Stefania Cristian (Girl Mgmt)
Location: Hotel JW Marriott, Cannes 

AM: Please tell our readers more about your background and career?
I am based between Paris and Madrid. I am originally Romanian, raised in Madrid, with Italian roots. I have always been very artistic and loved films and arts. Modeling happened by chance at an early age and I am very curious where it will take me.

AM: You are a melting pot of cultures, how has this served your career?
It’s true, I feel very international. As I am traveling all the time, I stop in each city for weeks or months, sometimes even years. For example, it's been five years since I am based here in Paris. When you are in a new city, you have to adapt yourself to the culture, if you do not try it’s quite hard to fit in. France started feeling like home to me pretty quickly. I just remember falling in love here… I love French culture and I find French people very polite; they open their arms to so many strangers. They don’t obey rules and they are so individual.

Arabian Moda x Stefania Cristian
Dress, Sima Couture.

AM: In your opinion, what are the main challenges of this field and that most up and coming models need to watch out for?
Building a successful modelling career is not easy. You need to go to dozens of castings, work a lot, and visit many different countries to become known all while being away from home at an early age. Many start booking jobs in their teens and need to travel for work. I am at a stage where I am still doing lots of castings and I don’t even know if I will be successful in my career. My advice is to believe in yourself!

AM: You’ve expressed that you are interested in acting, when did this passion first start?
I started when I was very young at the time I was going to school. My parents never supported me in pursuing an acting career. I didn’t have the opportunity to go to an acting school until a few years later when I become independent. At the age of 22, a Spanish friend suggested I apply for a workshop at the John Strasberg Studios, and I did it. I am doing both modelling and acting at the same time. 

AM: And what are some concrete steps you are taking to grow as an actress?
I am obsessed with reading biographies and watching documentary films. It's all about life and life is an experience. To act is to react. Right now, I am doing lots of castings and still recreating myself every day. We are in a world of image, beauty and power. 

Arabian Moda x Stefania Cristian
Dress, Dany Atrache Couture.

AM: Do you think having the label of a model could be an obstacle?
I think that’s the real contradiction of having the label of a model and that’s what I love the most. I have the impression that I have a limit and each time I am pushing myself a little bit more. We have as many opportunities to do things as we dare to try. I take every risk and create my own opportunities. 

AM: You have also become an influencer with a strong Instagram following, how did it start?
I opened my Instagram in 2013 because I wanted to be an artist. I have published pictures in a gallery as photography is one of my hobbies. I consider myself to be creative. I am at a point in my life where if you don’t give me artistic freedom, I will have to go for it. A daily dose of Instagram, two films a day, three books a week is enough to make me happy.

Arabian Moda x Stefania Cristian
Dress, Sima Couture.

AM: What would you say is the main message that you transmit to your followers via your social media platforms?
I really love Instagram. It is a big source of connection and inspiration. I don’t know exactly who is following me or not but that is the upside and downside of social media. You meet people once or never in your life and they see in you what they want via social media. When I am working with people in the fashion business, they are astonished to know that I am a cinephile or an activist. That’s so funny!

I am also one of the ambassadors of the non-profit organization, No More Plastic. We are fighting against plastic pollution and what I am doing is taking other people on a journey of how I'm trying to be better and that’s the key. With social media I get to be the media and tell my own story.

AM: When it comes to fashion, how would you describe your fashion style?
I don’t follow trends that much. I have always been in love with vintage clothing, it's been my passion since I was a teenager and if you look at my wardrobe most of my clothes are vintage. I like mixing vintage with new pieces so I can keep some fresh air on my looks while trying not to be too boring. I also love festivals like Cannes and red-carpet glamour. I feel like a princess yet I like to be considered as a Tomboy too. I love the French style very much, it's classy and comfortable like wearing an open tuxedo with nothing underneath, or a trench that is so Parisian and cinematic. My two icons are Lou Doillon and Kate Moss.


AM: Finally, what are some of your upcoming projects?
I am writing my first novel. I am very focused on the moment as I have many goals, I hope to get a big campaign and I want to choose roles that touch my heart. I just want to keep working hard.