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Meet Jisoo of Jisoo Baik Couture

Jisoo Baik
A Central Saint Martins and Institut Francais de la Mode graduate, the South Korean up-and-coming couturier has worked at top-tier maisons before launching her eponymous label. We spoke to Jisoo after she showcased her debut Fall/Winter 2023-2024 Couture collection in Paris.

AM: From prestigious fashion schools to a career at iconic houses, how do you describe your artistic route?
I was clearly aware of what I wanted to achieve in my career - establishing my own fashion brand.  I wanted my own concept and style that I can project through my brand, which motivated me to forge where I wanted to go and gave me a lot of learning opportunities. Meeting a diverse and talented group of people while studying and working helped me to learn many useful techniques and gave me a better understanding of the industry and how high fashion houses work.  In short, my artistic route was developed from the people I met and worked with both in school and at work, who shared their story and creative vision throughout in the fashion industry.

AM: Your name is currently synonymous with Björk and Ariana Grande, what is one thing you learned from each of these artists?
It was very special to have my design featured on the cover of a magazine with Ariana Grande and the cover of the Bjork’s album. Through working with their teams, I was able to fine-tune my design and explore the bolder side of the fashion at the same time. This experience gave me an opportunity to broaden the scope of my creativity and opened the door for me to start to design costumes.

Jisoo Baik Couture

AM: You are launching your debut couture collection in Paris, how has this city impacted your work and creative process?
I admire Paris. Living in Paris has had a great impact on my creative process. Paris is the portrait of a cultural capital and has helped me to think outside of the box.  There are so many art scenes in Paris even beyond fashion in its various ways and forms. It is exciting and inspirational! I love the couture archive. It really is a great pleasure for me to launch a couture brand in Paris because it is the home of the couture!

AM: And why are you passionate about couture?
As I mentioned before, I love the old couture archives. While they are older, they ironically energize my work. The sophisticated, artisanal and beautiful silhouettes of that era give me my passion for fashion. As I love to make silhouettes, spontaneously sculpting and various experimental designs by hand draping, I realized long ago that my creations were more like art pieces than ready-to-wear clothing. I want people who see and wear my designs to know the value of clothes, while also being able to communicate their individuality to the rest of the world. I hope my creations will bring people pleasure. Also, I've always thought it is a bit of a pity that there are many ready-to-wear brands, but there are not a lot of young, new couture designers from France these days.

AM: So, what was the main inspiration for your new collection?
It was an old couture archive with deep connections with the rich history of haute couture, while adding my own distinct voice to the conversation. Also, I was inspired by everyday objects such as the shapes of lamps and candle trays.

Jisoo Baik Couture

AM: What is a moment that brings you peace and gratitude?
As I started a couture brand, I met many creative people and organized my own team with the best talent. I'm very grateful for their solid trust and shared passion as a team. Our teamwork truly shined for my very first presentation. When I witnessed all the beautiful outcomes that came together, with assistance of my team who believed in me and continued our journey together, I felt such great gratitude. It is indescribable.

AM: What's next for you?
I'm committed to creating future collections and meeting potential customers for my one-of-a-kind pieces. Please tune in for updates for my show next year as well!