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World-renowned Doctor Sebagh: On Maintaining Beauty Through Non-invasive Alternatives


Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh

Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, commonly known as Dr. Sebagh, is a renowned cosmetic doctor based in London. For over 30 years he has established a career out of an innovative and non-invasive approach to plastic surgery.

Dr. Sebagh believes that plastic surgery should be used as a last resort and that there are many alternatives that can produce similar results. For the French expert, surgery should only be considered if all other options have been exhausted and the patient is still unconfident with the way they look.

We speak to Dr. Sebagh about his approach to cosmetic medicine and focus on his recommended treatments for maintaining beauty and a healthy living.

AM: Dr Sebagh, please tell us how you guide patients towards the right and adequate beauty procedure
Some patients want to maintain their natural beauty for as long as possible, others want to improve on what nature provided them with, and some need help after accidents or illness. Each client is different. I tailor and combine the use of treatments depending on what we want to achieve together. We like to start early on with a lot of patients. A good cosmetic doctor will be able to see a patient and identify the way their face will age, hollowing here, sagging there, and correct it. The thing to remember about aging is that there are two key things going on at the same time: the ageing face and the ageing of the skin and these are not the same. 

Often a patient thinks they know the treatment they want in order to achieve a certain look or treat a concern, but more often than not, they need a completely different treatment. You have to understand how the anatomy of the face works, which muscles pull which parts and so on. Over the years my loyal patients have chosen to come to me because they trust my artistic eye and my honesty. If I think something will look bad or upset the balance of the face, I will tell them.

AM: You are known to favor non-surgical facial treatments. Would you say they are now capable of replacing facial surgery?
Thirty years ago, the only way to remedy the problem of an ageing face was to go under the knife. Over the last 30 years my main goal has been to achieve face and neck lifting using cosmetic medical procedures rather than surgery. A new rise in technologies now allows us to achieve an almost identical and more natural result than when using surgical procedures, with considerably reduced risks and side effects.

For instance, thread lifts are highly effective at re-adjusting sagging of face and neck. For those just beginning to see signs of ageing in their skin, Ultralift is an even simpler solution. Very often I get patients in their 40s asking for threads, but they don’t need them. They are worried about early sagging which can be treated effectively with our Ultralift Therapy. In terms of skin ageing, Retinol (Vitamin A) and Vitamin C remain the best anti-ageing skin care ingredients. 

Doctor Sebagh
AM: And what are the most in-demand treatments nowadays?
Botox remains one of the most in-demand treatments, as it is totally irreplaceable in the prevention and treatment of the premature signs of ageing in the face and neck. It is essential and highly recommended from an early age because it is preventative. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) combined with Meso therapy is a popular plumping and glow-boosting treatment. For men jawline filler and fat freezing around double chin area are also in-demand.

AM: Before resorting to facial procedures, how can a woman take care of her skin to reduce the effect of ageing
Through feeding the skin the correct ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Resveratrol. Protection against UV and HEV rays, pollution, and free radicals. At the clinic, skin boosters like Mesoglow can be injected into the skin. This can be tailored to exactly what your skin needs. Stick to one weight! Yo-yo dieting and wreak havoc on your skin cause premature ageing. Keep in mind that your skin needs change every day, so you should check in with your skin on a daily basis.

AM: And what is your take on plastic surgery in today’s world?

I don’t see the need for such drastic plastic surgery anymore. We can achieve much better and more natural looking results through non-surgical treatments, which is why I no longer offer traditional surgery in my clinic. You have to respect your natural beauty, you can enhance it and preserve it, but you don’t want to do anything too drastic. My advice is to start young and prevent ageing and to have a healthy relationship with ageing-maintenance treatments throughout your life.

AM: How does enhancing a person’s face or body impact their psychological state?
For patients who come to the clinic after an illness or accident, it can have a hugely beneficial effect on them. For those who want to feel like the best version of themselves, it gives them confidence. We have a lot of CEOs and public facing clients who want to look fresh and awake when they give speeches. Premature ageing due to a number of factors such as genetics, lifestyle and skin neglect can lead to clients feeling uncomfortable in their skin and they say they don’t feel like themselves. So, a few subtle enhancements can make a world of difference.

Doctor Sebagh
AM: Do tell us more about your skincare products Dr Sebagh
I launched my line in 2005, because the first step of an essential ageing maintenance approach is to take care of your skin on a daily basis, with the right ingredients, and the right concentration for your skins needs. I’ve pioneered many key products and ingredient developments. Like my multi-award-winning Serum Repair, Hyaluronic Acid and my patented award-winning Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream. I’ve integrated French Biotech cosmetic expertise and formulation, ahead of their time, and long before the arrival of Korean Biotech.

I take my time and focus on achieving excellence in research and development. We don’t have pressure from investors to constantly launch new products. The purity and concentration of our products is unbeatable, which is why they remain market favorites and continue to be bestsellers today. My overall mission is to provide the best skincare possible for my patients, and for clients who are unable to visit my clinics, to use at home, to educate them on what they need for their skin, and how to use products to achieve optimum results.

AM: After more than three decades in this field, what would you say is your proudest career moment?
Developing hero products such as Serum Repair, Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream and Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum. Bringing Botox to the UK. Face sculpture using a volumizing Hyaluronic Acid, co-created with Juvederm France, and pioneering the non-surgical thread lift.

Yet 2023 is a big year for the brand as we are moving to Chandos House. Education has always been important to us and we will continue to build on this, hosting more events about the science behind skincare ingredients for example.
Doctor Sebagh