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Nicolas Degennes About the Power of Makeup and His New Brand

Nicolas Degennes
AM: Nicolas, what first brought you into the world of makeup?
I always loved makeup and I’ve always said that beauty can save the world. I love transforming my creations on faces and working with people. I am also passionate about laboratory research and searching for new effects, colors and textures.
AM: How would you describe the power of makeup in making women feel more confident and beautiful?
When you look good, you feel good, and it makes people around you sense your inner happiness. That’s the power of makeup!

AM: Can you mention a career highlight?
My work during the Cannes Film Festival and heading Givenchy’s makeup line. 

Nicolas Degennes

AM: Your recent project is a line of fragranced candles and diffusers, where did the idea come from?
I have worked many times with Francois Demachy and once with Francis Kurkdjian on special projects. For me working with scents is similar to the process of developing makeup textures.  
AM: How much are you involved in the production process?
I am involved in all the steps. I share my thoughts and direction with the perfumer to get the right fragrance. I also choose the packaging and merchandising.

AM: And what is the brand’s DNA?
It is inspired from my own voyages to Japan, the beaches of Dubai and my very own garden. When you open the jar you smell the head note, when you light it up you discover something else and as it gets diffused in the room another scent arises. I also work on reusable and recyclable packaging. The collection is composed of universes and numbers, 1 for wood, 2 for earth, 3 for water, 4 for air, 5 for fire and 6 for metal.

Nicolas Degennes
AM: Where can we shop the collection?
You can purchase it on my online store