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Digital Cover featuring Rahart Adams

Rahart Adams

Rahart Adams: A Multicultural Actor

As the world continues to celebrate and embrace cultural diversity, it is important to recognize the influential figures who are breaking barriers and making waves in their respective fields. One such individual is Rahart Adams, an actor from Australia who has captivated spectators with his magnetic personality and undeniable talent.

Rahart has always been deeply connected to his multicultural heritage of Pakistani and Maltese roots with an upbringing that has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping his perspective on life and influencing his career choices. He has starred in numerous television series and films, showcasing his versatility as an actor and his ability to connect with audiences on a deeply emotional level.

We talk to Rahart Adams about his role in breaking down barriers, journey in the entertainment industry and his latest project in Gotham Knights, a show set in the Batman universe.

AM: Rahart, please tell us what first got you into acting?
To be honest becoming an actor and choosing this career path was more of a slow realization rather than one singular moment or epiphany. That slow realization was a build of projects along the way that I had been a part of over the last ten years; each time saying to myself: “Wow, I really am an actor. I think I’m actually good enough at this to keep trying and keep doing this.”
Choosing a career to pursue is a massive part of someone’s life journey and acting wasn’t something I necessarily wrote down one day and brain stormed on how to become one; I just went for it because I really enjoyed being a part of something bigger than myself and, then being able to come home and tell my family about all the cool people I worked with, fun things I got to do, the places I got to visit and experience too. It also helped that acting feels very natural to me, being able to step into someone else’s shoes or create a character to tell a story seems like a fitting extension of my own story at this time in my life. I guess those little moments of realization along the way just felt right and they still do at this point in my life and that’s why I still choose to pursue it.
AM: How did your multicultural background serve your career?
I’m a half Pakistani, half Maltese, a Muslim kid that was born in Australia whose lived half his life in the United States. My whole life I’ve been fully immersed in my both my cultural backgrounds and heritage, I was lucky enough to be raised within a huge family unit consisting of my whole family tree; so, my multicultural background is a massive part of my identity. As far as my multicultural background serving my career, I’m yet to play a character that has experienced multiculturalism growing up the same way I did. I can’t wait for the day I get offered a role that gives me a chance to shed light on that experience because I know there are so many other people out there that have grown up the way I did.

Rahart Adams

AM: You have had roles on TV and in films, which medium of storytelling is harder to pull off?
In my opinion, acting in both mediums of storytelling still holds the same principles of creating a character. Who are they really? What drives them? Who do they love and why? These are some of the things that actors consider when shaping a character for a role regardless of medium. But I’d have to say that both film and television hold their own benefits, and neither are less attractive to me. Filming television usually means that you are working with the same group of people for years and that can be a great source of stability in an actor’s life, whereas creating films can be an amazing exercise in creativity too, just usually in a shorter period of time. In terms of which is harder to pull off, I guess that depends on the character you’re going to portray.
AM: How was it like transitioning from the Australian entertainment industry to the American one? Were there any differences you came across while experiencing this shift?
When I moved over to the American entertainment industry, I was still very young. I was on my own and 17 at the time and the only chance I had at making a living for myself in the United States was if I found work as an actor because that’s all my visa allowed for at the time. So, it’s safe to say that straight away it was an intense experience of growing up in the public eye, building a career in the very established world of American entertainment and learning the cultural differences between the Australian counterpart of the industry. Now I’d say days both worlds are very similar in terms of how it all works, but definitely back then when I first came to America it felt much more fast paced and intense; but that could also be because I was still new to it at the time.
AM: You have had several projects with Nickelodeon, was it challenge to break out of the “box”?
To be frank, yes. That being said, I will always be grateful for the people over at Viacom for opening the doors of the industry to me at such a young age. Those projects are what I cut my teeth on and how I learned about the work. It takes time to build a reputation in this industry as someone who’s versatile enough to tell many different stories and when you start as a child actor it can be harder to build that reputation. For me, it just took time & it was always something I was prepared for.

Rahart Adams

AM: Generally speaking, what kind of roles do you look for?
For me, it’s all about being fulfilled creatively and whether or not I feel like I can give justice to the portrayal of a character.
AM: Tell us more about your latest role in Gotham Knights…
Brody March is an original character that hasn’t been explored before in film or television. Charismatic and confident, Brody is the one at Gotham Academy that everyone either fears or respects. Used to everything being handed to him by his billionaire father Lincoln March, he's got the brains and reputation - and he knows it. Brody can be seen as arrogant, but he is indeed fearless and is capable of brutality just like his father. Playing Brody March has been a great experience and I’m really excited for the world to get to know him.

AM: Who do you wish to share the screen within the future?
Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, Hugh Hackman and Shah Rukh Khan have had a big impact on me as an actor and have been great role models in terms of the type of career I would like to have one day. If I ever had the opportunity to work alongside any of these incredible actors, it would be surreal to me because these are some of the people who shaped my view of acting and the business.

Rahart Adams

AM: And what advice would you give to an up-and-coming actor?
Keep going. Don’t give up. Make sure you truly understand how wonderful it is to play, make believe for a living so that it is always that for you & to immerse yourself in all the beauty of many different types of creativity.
AM: When it comes to fashion, which brands are your favorite?
I’ve been drawn to Sandro over the past couple years. Half my wardrobe is filled with pieces from Sandro not just because that’s my style but also the quality of the garments are amazing. I’ve also recently bought a few Jacquemus pieces too.
AM: So, what is your go-to look?
Wide leg pleated pants, tank top with an open flowy button down or cardigan and some boots.

AM: Finally, tell our readers about your upcoming project
Gotham Knights is a dark, gritty action-drama that dives into some of the DC comics deep cut characters. It’s airing on the CW but streams on other platforms around the world so make sure to check out where you can watch it in your area. I’m super excited to share it with the world, this project is set to draw you in and will be sure to entertain.

Photographer: Emilio Dümar.