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Max Verstappen is victorious at the Bahrain Grand Prix

Max Verstappen Bahrain Grand Prix
Max Verstappen, known for his exceptional car control and his ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions, has won numerous races and set numerous records, including becoming the youngest driver to win a Grand Prix, the youngest driver to lead a race, and the youngest driver to score points.

Verstappen's driving style, often described as aggressive and confident, and his ability to take risks and make bold moves on the track, were to his advantage at the Bahrain Grand Prix 2023.

“This is exactly what we were dreaming of and what we wanted to achieve, so yeah, great day for the whole team…It has been a great start for us, for the whole team, so this is not something we are used to. We are very happy at the moment, but we always keep working,” commented the Dutch winner.

“It’s great to finally have a car which is able to win from the start – and it also helps that the car is not so overweight, it’s perfectly fine now. This is a great start, but we also know that throughout the season you have to keep developing. Of course, we are on that, but we hope that’s hoping to be more than the other teams because you have to keep that advantage going,” added Verstappen about Red Bull’s victory.