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Audi introduces regional offers campaign in the Middle East

Audi Cars Ramadan Special
Just in time for the holy month, Audi has announced the launch of its special Ramadan benefits campaign for customers in the region and that will last throughout the month at all Audi dealerships in the Middle East.

“Our dealerships all over the Middle East look forward to providing their customers with premium benefits in celebration of the month of giving. This is the most ideal time of the year to become an Audi customer,” commented Carsten Bender, Managing Director of Audi Middle East.

In Abu Dhabi, customers will benefit from an eight-year free service plan, a five-year unlimited mileage warranty, and free registration. Meanwhile, customers in Bahrain and Oman will benefit from a five-year service plan, five-year manufacturer warranty, five-year roadside assistance, and free registration.

Audi Lebanon is offering its customers a five-year service plan, free servicing for three years, warranty, and three years’ roadside assistance for selected models. In Jordan and Qatar, customers will be able to avail 10 years of servicing and five years of warranty. Customers in Dubai, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia can enjoy a five-year warranty, five-year service plan, and five years of free roadside assistance on select Audi models.