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Digital Cover featuring Wallis Day

Arabian Moda x Wallis Day
Wallis wears an Etienne Jeanson couture dress and earrings from Bijoux Burma.

So Effortless, So British, The Divine Wallis Day.

From androgynous and punk rocker to couture red carpet stunner, Wallis Day juggles her looks like she does with on-screen roles. Her passion for movies started at an early age and her transition into the American industry happened out of a clear blue sky. Wallis graces Arabian Moda on a sunny afternoon at a Côte d'Azur villa.

Fashion Editor & Stylist: Victor Concepto - Photographer & Filmmaker: Joy Strotz - Hair & Makeup Artist: Joe Pickering-Taylor - Location: Cannes, France.

AM: Wallis, please tell us what first got you into acting?
I absolutely loved being immersed in cinema when I was younger — being able to be part of another world fascinated me. I’ve always been interested in other people’s stories, combined with a great appreciation for the artistry of a film and the acting craft.
AM: You have had roles on TV and films, which medium is harder to pull off?
Both are so different. Personally, I prefer a character with an illustrated backstory. It helps me understand what drives their objectives, actions and emotions. I find that easier to explore throughout a TV show rather than a 90-minute movie.

Arabian Moda x Wallis Day
Dress, Etienne Jeanson. Earrings, Bijoux Burma.

AM: How was it transitioning from the British entertainment industry to the American one?
Being honest, it was never my intention to shift to the American entertainment industry — I don’t think you can beat a raw, gritty British indie film, but the American projects seemed to resonate with me more and the scale of production feels like it has unlimited potential.

AM: Some of your projects were on TV and others on streaming platforms; what is your take about streaming services?
I love binging a good series as much as the next person, but I don’t think the experience compares to everyone’s unanimous anticipation whilst watching the same TV episode of a show.
AM: Generally speaking, what kind of acting roles do you look for?
I thrive off character driven stories, one that has both beauty and trauma embellished in it. For me personally, if a character is complex and going through shit that piques my interest, I would love the challenge to take a character through absolute hell and back. I love taking an audience on a journey where they really hate the character, then really empathize with them.

Arabian Moda x Wallis Day
Dress, Limited Edition 999.

AM: And what is your acting style? Are you more of a spontaneous or method actor?
I prefer to do a lot of prep; read the script a number of times, dissect the characters and study the scenes. I usually fill hotel walls with timelines and notes, then immerse myself into that world. Create my characters narrative, and learn the lines and then totally leave it. So, on the day the scene feels fresh and not over-rehearsed, and the character choices I make in the moment feel authentic.

AM: Who do you wish to share the screen within the future?
I feed off energy, connection, who you can bounce off in a scene, there’s so many I’d love to work with but to name a few — Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Octavia Spencer, Bryan Cranston and Viola Davis. I admire all their work so deeply.
AM: What advice would you give to an up-and-coming actor?
Honestly, to only pursue acting if there’s nothing in the world that makes you happier. 

Arabian Moda x Wallis Day
Dress, Gemy Maalouf. Neckalce and bracelet, Bijoux Burma.

AM: Reflecting on your past television and film roles, which project do you consider most special?
Krypton will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first American job as a series regular and the entire cast are simply divine.

AM: Let’s talk fashion. Which brands are your favorite?
I love fashion. I’d say my style is pretty fluid, sometimes androgynous, punk rock, biker. Other times, I feel super femme, and love Haute Couture. But I always aim for a combination of edgy and elegant. Saint Laurent is one of my favorites, and if we’re keeping it British I love Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.
AM: What is your go-to look?
Something super simple and effortless. I’m not into fast fashion so I try to only buy timeless pieces that I can style in different ways. For example, one iconic jacket can finesse any outfit.
AM: Describe your beauty and health regimen...
I think it’s all about balance. When I’m filming, my regimes are strict. I see my health as an investment and part of my job, so treat it as such and when I have time off I’m super laid back — I do what makes me feel good and only really exercise for fun. In terms of beauty, I get this question quite a lot, so I recently filmed my current hair care routine and my day to day make up over on my Instagram. But my hero products are always something from Charlotte Tilbury and Ouai.
AM: Finally, tell our readers about your upcoming projects
I'm proud of the success Sex/Life on Netflix is having, followed by our “Charlies Angels meets The Hangover” movie, Sheroes. Then the incredible Red Sonja, where I play the Villain. I’m about to start filming again and I can’t wait to share more soon.