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Novak Djokovic makes history

Matthew Stockman via Getty Images

It's hard to believe that the household name that is Novak Djokovic first rose to number one status almost 12 years ago in July, 2011.

Last month Djokovic elongated his legacy after he officially became the longest-tenured world No. 1 in history which is 378 weeks to be exact, including winning 10th Australian Open title and 22nd Grand Slam trophy. 

In a comment Djokovic expressed his gratitude towards his loyal fans: "Of course, with your love and great strength that you have given me over the years, I’ve managed to achieve many fantastic achievements throughout my career… The most recent one is breaking the record with 378 weeks on No. 1 in the rankings, surpassing one of the greatest, most legendary tennis players both men and women that ever played, Steffi Graf. So I’m flattered, obviously extremely, extremely proud and happy for this achievement."

By Victor N.