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Cecilie Bahnsen Talks Sustainability and Following Her Own Pace


Cecilie Bahnsen

Effortless and timeless best describes Cecilie Bahnsen’s fashion trajectory. From her Paris Fashion Week presentation, we met with the Danish designer who indulged us in her unique and tranquil universe.

AM: Why did you decide to become a designer?
I didn’t really think about it as a child, but with my grandmother we would work on handcrafts and crochet. It was like our bonding time activity and I really enjoyed it.

AM: And what happened next?
I decided to do my BA in design at the Royal Danish Academy and I was lucky to meet a woman who took me under her wing and was the right hand of John Galliano. We did costumes together for the royal ballet and that’s how it all started. Our work had a different aesthetics from the Scandinavian minimalism. I went back to school and did my master’s at the Royal College of Art.

AM: How do you forecast a new collection?
For me the starting point is always the textiles. I like to start from scratch and with the process the fabrics take on the lead.

AM: Which woman inspires you the most?
A venerable woman who has emotions and most importantly her own persona regardless of the outfit she wears.

AM: What role does Paris play in your career?
Copenhagen is home where we follow our own pace, and Paris is the land of romance. It was always a goal to be here and to establish an international presence.

Cecilie Bahnsen

AM: As an ambassador of Danish fashion how would you describe your country’s style?
It’s a new scene and we are all pushing for sustainability. Our strong brands have a different aesthetics that might not cater to everyone. But there is a sisterhood feel where we all collaborate with one another and find solutions in order to avoid wastes.

AM: What advice would you give to your colleagues and young designers?
Stay true to your passion and ambition. Don’t be rushed by the industry. Listen to yourself and work on the steps according to your own pace.

AM: Sustainability is embedded in your DNA…
Indeed, my timelessness direction, means that I never want something that is about the now. I seek materials that resist time and employ technologies that give long-lasting garments.

AM: What does the next chapter look like?
We are mostly known for dresses, but I want to work on tailored garments, outwear, shoes and soft accessories.

AM: Finally, tell us more about your presence in Dubai
It’s very exciting. I felt a connection with the buyers who appreciated my designs, my love for colors and details and I look forward to growing there.