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Anthony Alvarez on spreading nomadism through the French label Bluemarble

Anthony Alvarez Bluemarble

A semi-finalist for the LVMH Prize, the winner of the Pierre Bergé Prize at ANDAM awards, and a Paris Fashion Week showcaser, fashion designer Anthony Alvarez translates his multicultural background of French, American and Filipino roots onto flamboyant collections that cater to and unite the diverse audiences of the globe.

AM: Anthony, when did your interest in fashion first start?
After studying economics and working in the finance world for a bit I decided to launch my brand and express my values and creativity. I always had an interest for fashion. It started with extreme sports clothing at a young age and throughout the years it evolved. At first, I started a project with some friends in 2017 and decided to launch Bluemarble in 2019.
AM: In a few words, what makes BlueMarble so different?
The name of the first picture taken of planet earth in its entirety is the brand’s name. It’s that perspective of the beauty of all of us being connected through our differences that inspired me.Coming from a multicultural background and growing up with people from very different horizons, I try to to represent those values through my work.

AM: How do you work on your new collections?
It all starts with dreams for me. They take me to many places. For my collections, I tie my dreams to the idea of escapism and voyages. I like to make connections with my own memories, souvenirs and some aspirations. The starting point of each Bluemarble collection is about dreaming this utopique world and the idea of celebrating people’s singularities.

Bluemarble Paris
AM: And who is the typical Bluemarble man?
The Bluemarble man is someone who enjoys adventure, color and celebrates life. He is a free spirit.

AM: Your brand is quite young yet has gained a loyal following. To what do you attribute this success?
Staying true to myself, to the way I see life which I think gives the collection its unique character. Our community has been also so supportive since the beginning which gave Bluemarble such a boost of energy.
AM: A career highlight?
The nomination for the LVMH Prize has been one of my proudest career moment for me.

AM: Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I hope we will keep learning and growing to keep the dream alive!

AM: A word of advice for the new generation of designers?
Be audacious!