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Digital Cover featuring Gledia, From Como with Love

Arabian Moda
Lake Como is known to be as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe and beyond. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our cover model Gledia takes us to the mesmerizing region and talks about her up-and-coming modeling career.

AM: Gledia, you live between two countries. What’s your favorite thing about Milan and Monaco?
What I like about Milan is the fact that it is a big city with a lot of diversity and opportunities in the field that interests me. On the other side, I love Monaco, its climate, the history, and its beautiful landscapes.

AM: You have chosen modeling as a career, what inspired you to work in the fashion world?
I think the desire to become a model was born with me. Since I was a child, I was always posing and acting like I was on a runaway.

AM: What are the industry challenges you have faced so far?
It's a daily challenge! Because you have to take care of your body, find an agency with which you get along with and that works well. If I can give a message for all young women, love each other and do not fall victim of judgments! With hard work you can make your dreams come true.

Arabian Moda

AM: And what do you think it takes to become a successful model nowadays?
I think that like in all fields, it takes determination, seriousness, but also a bit of luck! And believing in yourself is the first step to success.

AM: Who was your favorite model growing up?
I have several, but the one that I like the most is Sofia Steinberg. I really like her androgynous beauty.

AM: So tell us about your first photo shoot…
My first shoot was for Richmond in Milan, at the age of 7, and since then it became a dream. I started asking my parents to participate in shoots and other events on a regular basis.

Arabian Moda

AM: What is your favorite fashion brand?
Dolce & Gabbana for its unique and inimitable style.

AM: And what are you planning next?
Apart from modeling, which for me is a great passion, I want to continue my studies. I want to improve myself and be an independent woman. Being able to do the job that I love in life is very important to me.

Photographer: Alex Dani 

Hair & Makeup Artist: Yuliya Zykova