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Digital Cover featuring Cyril Benzaquen

Arabian Moda x Cyril Benzaquen
Cyril wears a coat by Georges Hobeika Couture and trousers by Givenchy.

 Arabian Man Moda presents French Athlete Cyril Benzaquen.

He is a six-time, and current, Kickboxing World Champion, an entrepreneur in entertainment events production, a motivational speaker and a part-time model.

Cyril talks about the power of visualization and the mindset he adopts as a record-breaking figure as he reveals his fashion-forward side in an exclusive session featuring looks from AMI Paris, Christian Louboutin, Georges Hobeika, Givenchy, Lacino, Sébline, Versace and pieces from Akillis and Zenith.

Fashion Editor & Stylist:
Victor Concepto - Photographer: Elli Ioannou - Filmmaker: Maxence Gautier assisted by Kallamon Bouvier - Makeup Artist: Maude Gobet - Hair Stylist: Jason Thomas - Location: Hotel Nolinski Paris
Arabian Moda x Cyril Benzaquen
Necklace, Akillis. Shirt and trousers, Versace. Shoes, Christian Louboutin.   
AM: Cyril, tell us more about the hard work it takes to train and win a title like the Kickboxing World Champion
It starts with a vision and the goal to become a champion. Then to achieve this, you have to work hard, suffer, and transform it into a form of obsession. I train 20 to 25 hours a week with physical workouts in the morning and specific kickboxing trainings in the afternoon. Not to forget the mental preparation it takes before a competition. 
AM: What was your first title? Describe that moment of victory.
My first title was in 2014 in Thailand. I worked so hard for it, but at the same time, I dreamt even harder. It was like I have already won it in my thoughts. After the victory, I was happy and proud but knew that I was going to make it from the very beginning. In my opinion, this is the power of visualization. 

Arabian Moda x Cyril Benzaquen
Watch, Zenith. Pullover and trousers, AMI Paris. Shoes, Christian Louboutin.
AM: After winning all these titles, what is the next title you have your eyes on? And what keeps you motivated to keep going?
Today I am still fighting and I’m loving my job because it’s a passion. I feel that I have a mission, to democratize the sport and to make it more famous with my own production company. For example, my last fight was at the Grand Palais Éphémère, the first of its kind and for the second time at the Grand Palais, 80 years after Marcel Cerdan. I have a legacy to pass on so I’m still motivated to show the values of this sport and to make it even more popular.

AM: In your opinion how can practicing a sport help us physically and mentally in our daily lives?
Sport is like a religion as the quote says: "A healthy mind in a healthy body." Sports help you understand your body and mind better; they bring you closer to your spirit. First you improve your physical attitude, then you enhance your mental attitude, and finally you develop your emotional intelligence. You become more confident, your self-esteem increases and you can be whatever you want to be in life.

Arabian Moda x Cyril Benzaquen
Watch, Zenith. Cardigan and trousers, AMI Paris. 

AM: You have recently signed up to an international modeling agency, what are some highlights of this career path?
I have always liked the fashion world so I joined Elite Models since more than a year now. It was a proud moment because I’m the first kickboxer to make it on their cast. I get to meet great people and artists that inspire me. Elite invites me to runway shows and fashion events and I am thrilled about it.

AM: Being of Middle Eastern origins, what does the orient mean to you?
It equates happiness and warm people. Middle Easterners love life, they always carry a smile and are very welcoming. They try everything to make their hosts happy. I love this spirit and mindset.

Arabian Moda x Cyril Benzaquen
Suit, Georges Hobeika Couture.
AM: Let’s talk fashion, how would you describe your style?
I love many styles according to my mood on the day. For example, I love to wear stretch pants to be comfortable on a daily basis like the black Versace one in our fashion shoot. I also like to wear leather garments for an edgy style, as well as oversized pieces. And of course, when I have a special occasion, I opt for a smoking.

AM: Besides sports, would you ever consider a career in the entertainment industry?
You got it! One of my dreams is to start a career as an actor when I finish with kickboxing. I have been inspired by Jean-Claude Van Damme and since I really like this industry, I feel like I could be a part of it.
Arabian Moda x Cyril Benzaquen
Rings and bracelets, Akillis. Shirt, Sébline.
AM: Finally, what are some of your 2023 projects?
A fight at the Grand Palais Éphémère on June 20th. We will make history again in this unique venue. I will be happy to host Middle Eastern spectators at this spectacular show! I also have an artistic project that has to do with acting.