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Sleeping Dystopia: The latest 1886 collection brings a ray of light in the darkness of winter

1886 Brand
Riyadh, January 2023— 1886, the Riyadh-based label that brought streetwear on the streets of Saudi Arabia for the first time, is known among Gen-Zers and millennials for the unmistakable futuristic style and the edgy look. This season, Fahad Al Jomiah and Khalid Aljammaz, the two young founders behind the label transport us to a new dimension, suspended between dream and reality, sleep and awakening. Inspired by the iconic movie The Matrix, 1886 latest collection called Sleeping Dystopia, brings us to a utopic state where we can reconnect with ourselves though our dreams and desires– find our inner resources to cope with today’s challenge.

1886 Brand
Their signature sweatshirts could not be missing from the collection; this time featuring a series of amusing characters that ironically describe different personalities. From the foodie to the psycho, from the famous to the nerd, 1886 do not fail to remind us to celebrate everyone’s differences and appreciate the uniqueness that each one of us holds. A manifesto to unity and love for each other that translates the profound social and cultural transformation happening in Saudi Arabia with a message that elevates individuality, imperfections, and awkwardness without scrutiny.