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Honayda Serafi: The Ambassador of Saudi Fashion

Honayda Serafi
One of the first Saudi Ready-to-Wear brands whose mission is to empower women in a subtle and elegant manner, Honayda embodies its founder, an insightful designer keen on making of Saudi brands a reference for the world to see.

Honayda Serafi, who was recently appointed as the first Saudi Arabian ambassador for Chopard, invites us to her brand universe and talks about Saudi heritage.

AM: Honayda, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a new era and you are part of it all. Tell us more
It is not only a new chapter, in my opinion, it is a continuation of how Saudi Arabia was 40 to 50 years ago. I feel happy when I see the change and revival of my nation, developments are happening not only in cinema or fashion but across various fields like tourism, investments and more.

AM: Why did you decide to launch a Ready-to-Wear brand? And what is the Honayda philosophy?
Saudi women are known for their elegant and exquisite tastes, they are well educated and follow the trends around the world and have hence become the target of global fashion brands. We like to dress up as we have a red carpet-worthy appearance almost every day in Saudi Arabia like weddings and fancy events. So, my vision was to change the market and to become a competitor on the global arena by developing local consumption. In a way to break the pattern of buying from international brands and to purchase Saudi labels that have a global allure.

I target many factors, mostly sustainability. I like to empower the previous generations by employing the Saudi heritage and modernize it with the young generation of designers. Saudi has 13 different regions, each with a different story and handcraftsmanship. Above all, I want modernity in my brand because the woman of Honayda needs to be empowered, to feel comfortable, and I want my creations to give her a voice.

Honayda Serafi
Honayda Serafi in Chopard

AM: Women are at the heart of Honayda…
Indeed. I like to tell stories of women who had a strong impact on society. My designs support a cause and hold meaningful messages. I am always searching and reading stories of women who challenged their status quo, or who have engraved my soul. For instance, one of my collections was inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the first judges in the United States. Another is a tribute to the Afghani woman who has lost potential yet still beams with hope. I celebrated the rich history and the country’s beautiful architecture.

AM: And your next chapter?
My latest project is my collaboration with Harrods in London who is now carrying my line, and I have so many upcoming stories to tell in partnership with women who will inspire the generations to come.