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Digital Cover featuring Youssef Al Hamadi

Arabian Man Moda Digital Cover x Youssef Al Hamadi

An Abu Dhabi native and a social media personality on the fashion scene of the United Arab Emirates, Youssef Al Hamadi is a mechanical engineer and model turned style influencer.

Arabian Man Moda’s latest cover story highlights the architectural beauty of Abu Dhabi with Youssef who discloses some of the hidden secrets of the capital of the UAE and flaunts looks by Brett Johnson, Coach, Qasimi and Tommy Hilfiger.

Fashion Editor & Stylist: Victor Concepto
Photographer: Mohsen Anjum
Model: Youssef Al Hamadi
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

AM: Youssef, tell us more about yourself and what got you into modeling and becoming an influencer?
I am a mechanical engineer by qualification and a model, television presenter and influencer by passion. I have been attracted by the fashion world from a very young age. Even though I pursued a career in engineering fashion was always in the back of my mind. So, seven years ago, whilst in Dubai, I was approached by a model scout for a reputed management company and have never looked back since. Throughout these years I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing brands and companies which have all added to my experience in this exciting industry. Since then, I work hard to share fashion advice with my followers as well as trying to get Middle Eastern men to talk about fashion and style without any stigma attached.

Arabian Man Moda x Qasimi
Total Look, Qasimi.

AM: So how would you describe your style? And what are some of your go-to looks?
I would describe it as very unique and inspired by the latest trends. Day to day, I sport a very preppy look and love the fusion of casual yet slightly polished elegance. My main fashion inspiration comes from runway looks and I enjoy transforming these looks into my own fashion statements. I’d say we are all influenced by the runway in some way, yet how we interpret those outfits and adapt them to our own unique style is what differentiates us.

Some of my favorite go-to looks are an oversized and graphic T-shirt with a nice pair of slim cut jeans. They can be worn down with sneakers or elevated slightly with a smart loafer moccasin, a matching belt and a nice pair of sunnies. For more formal affairs, you can’t go wrong with a classic black slim cut suit and a white collared shirt. It creates a blank canvas which can be kept as is or made more formal with the addition of ties, handkerchiefs and brooches. Being Arab, a clean and crisp kandora is a staple for work days and social gatherings with friends and family.

Arabian Man Moda x Tommy Hilfiger
Total Look, Tommy Hilfiger.

AM: Let’s talk about Abu Dhabi, what makes it different from other Emirates?
Oh Abu Dhabi! What makes my home city the best in the UAE is definitely the fusion of city and town vibes. Abu Dhabi is big enough to be called a city with amazing restaurants, hotels, and fantastic malls, yet still small and quaint enough to go off the beaten track and slow down. You can be in the desert within 30 minutes from a Seven-star Hotel. Which other city in the world can beat that?

The architecture in Abu Dhabi is very inspiring. The Louvre chose Abu Dhabi to be its second home is an absolute honor. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is an architectural landmark. The War Memorial, Wahat Al Karama is an engineering marvel. There are so many more but I’d be here listing them for hours.

Arabian Man Moda x Tommy Hilfiger
Total Look, Tommy Hilfiger.

AM: How would you describe a perfect day in Abu Dhabi?
A perfect day in Abu Dhabi would start off with a nice breakfast at the Turkish chain Mado. Afterwards, I would take a trip to the Louvre to marvel at the engineering masterpiece and take in the fascinating museum exhibits. After escaping the afternoon heat indoors, I would walk across from the Louvre to the Mangroves National Park and book myself a kayaking adventure. Early evening, I would make a stop at Yas Mall for a quick bite and then get ready for an evening in the desert with friends over a nice bonfire and of course lots of food. There’s nothing like watching the stars on a blank canvas of the Arabian night sky.

Arabian Man Moda x Brett Johnson x Coach
Bag, Coach. Suit, Brett Johnson.

AM: Finally, a special hidden gem that you would recommend?
Al Hudayriat Island is a hidden gem in my city. It’s a beautiful entertainment complex with outdoor sporting venues, beach sports, tennis courts, a stunning marina and so many restaurants and food trailers. One can easily spend an entire day there and still not have completed all the activities. Another amazing fact is that it is within Abu Dhabi city itself and can be easily reached from anywhere from Abu Dhabi.