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Arabian Moda x Hélène Ségara

Her name is synonymous with timeless love songs. Her presence brings hope, joy and tenderness every week on France's Got Talent. French superstar Hélène Ségara has topped the charts in Francophone countries and transcended geographical boundaries through melodies that feed the souls of global audiences.  

For the very first time, Hélène steps out of her fashion comfort zone and chooses Arabian Moda to flaunt a new style for the new year as she speaks about her Armenian origins and relationship with the Middle East.

Fashion Editor & Stylist: Victor Concepto  
Photographer: Frédéric Monceau 
Makeup Artist: Jean-Michel Dacquin 
Hair Stylist: Fabien Giambona 
Location: Paris, France
AM: Growing up did you imagine becoming the French-International signature name you are today?
No, I would have never pictured that. I come from a modest family that hasn’t traveled a lot. But music opens all borders and allowed me to meet many different faces and live unforgettable moments.

AM: What inspires you to write new songs?
It is often the actual music or the experiences of each person. My sensitivity has so many things to express, and for me love in all its forms is an inexhaustible topic.
AM: You are currently on tour, how do you deal with the physical and emotional challenge of being on stage?
Stage fright is always there at the very beginning of each concert, then, little by little a magical bond is woven with the public. The emotion is substantial at each of my concerts. I share something unique with my audience and I have a lot of gratitude towards them.

Arabian Moda x Hélène Ségara
Total Look, Maison Ullens.
AM: Why do you think your music has become timeless and unites generations of all ages?
Because it is sincere and authentic. Because love will never be an obsolete subject, because emotions feed our hearts, and because romance is a value we still need in our society.
AM: After all these years, what is a moment in your career that you are the proudest of?
My pride is the love that I give without limits to an audience who makes me feel good. One special moment happened a few years ago, inside the arena of Carthage. I sang Ave Maria on my knees while saying to the public: whatever name we give her, Mary, Myriam, Fatima, she is there. 15,000 people lit a small light during the song. We were all at peace. My tears were flowing. We need to stop stigmatizing our differences and show that our souls are the same.
AM: When it comes to being a judge on France Got Talent, and in life in general, what is a word of advice you would give to those who don’t make it to the final round?  
Never give up, work hard, don't stop believing or dreaming.
AM: As an empowered woman, what were some rules you had to follow to achieve the goals you set for yourself?
There is nothing stronger than kindness. I got nothing by force or authority. My smile, my tenderness and my humility have established my reputation and allowed me to get where I am today.

Arabian Moda x Hélène Ségara
Total Look, Cerruti.
AM: The cover shoot we did was all about showing you in a new and edgy style, would you say your upcoming music will be more daring?
My latest album Karma is an individual album about our consciences and our spiritual awakening. Its musical color is more electro and cinematographic. I always like to go where I am not expected.
AM: And how would you describe your relationship to fashion?
It is up to us to adapt it to our physique; fashion is there to show us off. I like to wear basics but I always want to remain feminine. I don't like provocative clothes because I'm modest. By shooting your cover I agreed to step out of my comfort zone. I was afraid of not recognizing myself but I found it very interesting to exploit a side of me that nobody knew. I believe a woman goes through a lot of different styles in her lifetime.
AM: People may not know that you mother is of Armenian origins, how has this shaped your values and mindset?
My mother is someone worthy and courageous. She never complains. She has great strength of character. Like her, I learned to face the trials and not to give up.

AM: And speaking of our region, do you have any special moments in the Middle East?
I have traveled a lot there as I sing a little in Arabic. Oriental music has always spoken to me, it is full of passion and emotions. There has always been something very oriental in me. Each trip has brought me closer to the culture and each time I am welcomed with so much love. I cannot wait to return, and I'm happy to be able to talk about it in your magazine.