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Botaniets Gin & Havaniets Rum: Your one-hundred-percent 0% alcohol natural spirits

Botaniets Gin

Ever craved sipping a Mojito, Dry Martini or Pina Colada when alcohol isn’t part of your dietary preferences? Wish no more as an authentic 0,0% alcohol Gin and Rum have been imagined by the Belgian distillery Niets. Its CEO, Alexandre Hauben, talked us through his award-winning and inclusive products. 

AM: Where did the idea of producing a 0% alcohol range of products first come from?
Georges Niets, my great-great-grand father, a century ago, has inspired many botanists with his research. Today I’m bringing back his memory by applying his work into the creation of premium natural spirits but 100% alcohol free.

AM: Consumers may be not aware that often what is labeled as “non-alcoholic” still contains a small percentage of alcohol. How is your company able to produce 0.0% then?
Our focus is on people who either by choice, for health reasons, or as a break from the norm, must not, cannot or do not want to drink alcohol. It is an important statement.  We’ve been expert in the 0.0% since our first steps, where bigger companies selling alcoholic products are willing to reduce the amount of alcohol and sell non-alcoholic products. It is a total way around to get there! Their business is alcohol. Ours is a healthy and purely distilled approach. In a nutshell, this means a triple distillation, 100% natural ingredients, a manufacturing secret, and a know-how to keep Georges’ memory alive in each bottle we produce.

Havaniets Rum

AM: And who would you say is the target client of Botaniets and Havaniets?
The epicureans. The island lovers. The travelers. We believe that everyone has a reason to enjoy a 0.0% cocktail, a drink that implies a “sense of occasion” and therefore not just a fruit juice or a sugary soft drink. To produce a real rum without alcohol, we had to reinvent ourselves totally. And find the best way to do it!  It is thus not a tea, with caramel, and herbs.

AM: Because of health concerns, do you feel that more and more people are reducing their alcohol consumption?
It is more than a fact; it is stated by every study in the market today. And we benefit from this, as healthy people willing to take care, and as a company towards our clients.

AM: Please give us the ideal cocktail with one of your 0% products
We have a lot! Our mixologist is famous to create and inspire bars around the world. Discover the recipes online on Be prepared, it is mind blowing, even without alcohol! Our Instagram is also full of inspirations.

AM: You have released Rhum and gin so far, can we expect something else to come?
Yes, indeed. We are working on our aperitivo line and a barrel aged whisky next year.

AM: Where can we purchase your products?
Online, on our website, and in specialized stores around France.

Alexandre Hauben