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Ithra Brings Saudi Fashion to the Forefront


Ithra x Saudi Fashion Exhibition

The Saudi Fashion Exhibition currently taking place at Ithra, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture in Dhahran, brings together more than 40 Saudi designers presenting their unique pieces that showcase the history, vision and irreplaceable talent of the Saudi fashion industry.

Some artists who are part of the 100 Saudi Brands initiative, the professional development program for Saudi Arabian luxury and fashion brands, have previously showcased in Milan and New York and selected some of their masterpieces in couture, jewelry, accessories and menswear to adorn Ithra.

Saudi designer Al-Jawharah Sadeem Al-Shehail, founder of Sadeem label, is focused on sustainability and brings eco-friendly fabrics and production methods to the Kingdom. On her participation in this celebratory event she commented: “The world needs to know that Saudi brands do exist. Saudi heritage is extremely rich, we have five regions and each one represents something completely different. Every tribe in Saudi Arabia has its special embroidery technique and fabrics which births diverse designs.” 

For her part Walaa Tahlawi, Head of Operations at Ithra, talked about the importance of projects like the Saudi Fashion Exhibition that allow the Saudi artistic community to deliver creativity and work inspired by the nature of their land and culture to a wider Saudi audience and subsequently to international forums.

To learn more about Ithra and the Saudi Fashion Exhibition click here

Sadeem by Sadeem AlShuhail
Sadeem by Sadeem AlShuhail presents a two-piece garment inspired from the warmth and sand dunes of the Arabian desert .

Aram Designs by By Arwa AlAmmari
Aram Designs by By Arwa AlAmmari celebrates the Saudi majlis with its printed wool-woven floor.

Joly Design by Najala AlRajehJoli Design by Najala AlRajeh's orange-colored and layered fabrics dress re-imagines the desert shades and monuments of Al Ula region.
Memash by Mesheal al-Shenaifi
Memash by Mesheal al-Shenaifi recreates the outer shape of the tent, a symbol of the Najdi heritage.