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Arabian Man Moda’s Digital Cover Featuring Cheu-B

Arabian Moda x Tods x Cheu-B
Meet Cheu-B who is representing the new generation of French rappers on the global scene. A former member of a Parisian boy band, the solo artist talks about his endeavors in music, fashion and business.

Photographer: Elli Ioannou
Filmmaker: French Cut
Fashion Editor & Stylist: Victor Concepto
Makeup Artist: Benoit Claverie
Location: Skybar, Paris

Cheu-B wears Homme Plissé Issey Miyake, Honey Fucking Dijon and Tod’s with jewelry from Le Gramme.

AM: Please introduce yourself to our readers
I am Cheu-B, a Parisian artist from the 17th arrondissement. A former member of the group XVbarbar, I have launched a solo career in 2016 and released three projects so far, the latest was WTSKL 2 in 2021.

AM: Who encouraged you to be a rapper? 
I started because of my environment; everyone was rapping in my entourage. At the time there was a cameraman called OKTAVprod who visited neighborhoods and filmed people rapping. He went through ours and I saw everyone rapping and it triggered me. It made me want to represent my area.

AM: Who are some of the rappers that have influenced your career?
I was born in the A.T.L (Atlanta) and Chicago generation with Chief Keef, Lil Durk, and Migos. I was influenced by them, but if I have to name one, it would be Young Thug who really marked me.

Arabian Moda x Tods x Cheu-B

AM: Where do you seek inspiration for new music?
I think I'm like a painter. It's the emotions of the present and my life in general. The moment I'm spending or the day prior gives color to what I produce at the studio

AM: What type of topics do you like to tackle in your music?
The experience of the joys, pains and emotions. I really like to convey my message in the form of images in my texts. I can be very precise in the lyrics but at the same time abstract in the way I share it.

AM: Does the stigma surrounding a rapper bother you?

Personally, I have always had the chance to live it easily. The fact that I started in a group helped me a lot. I had success with several people before becoming a solo artist, so it was easier to manage.

Arabian Moda x Homme Plissé Issey Miyake x Cheu-B

AM: And how were you able to succeed as a solo artist?
By being different and remaining true to myself. I knew how to be unique in my way of perceiving things but also in making music. And I would add perseverance, believing in my own style and developing it to the very end.

AM: Is an international career something you seek?
Yes of course. I did several international projects with Rich Homie, Kidd Keo, Izi and even a project with Pon2Mik. It has always been something that interested me knowing that I'm more often compared to International-American artists rather than French ones.

AM: And do you think French rappers can have a global career?
Yes. I would say they need to open up their mentality, not set limits or hesitate to break the codes.

Arabian Moda x Homme Plissé Issey Miyake x Honey Fucking Dijon
AM: You have performed in front of crowded audiences. How do you prepare yourself?
Going on stage is what I like the most. It's the moment when I am the most intimate with my audience. I'm more of a fun kid than a working adult. It’s a whole process of preparation with my team. I try to make sure that we are as organized as possible before any performance.
AM: A proud career moment? 
My first solo concert at the Nouveau Casino theater in Paris on June 21, 2016 to be exact. This was when I realized I had a loyal audience as it was my first encounter with them and I saw everyone singing my music by heart. 
AM: Finally, what are some new projects in the works?  
Music, fashion and now catering. I opened "B Wild" in the 17th arrondissement in Paris. Today I am an artist and an entrepreneur and I develop these three fields every day, and maybe more afterwards.