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Digital Cover featuring Alejandro Nones

Alejandro Nones x Arabian Moda Digital Cover
Alejandro Nones wears a L.U.C Chopard timepiece.

In just two years so many things seem to have changed in the life of Alejandro Nones. The Venezuelan actor, who stars in Neflix’s Spanish-speaking show Who Killed Sara?, is on the realms of international stardom.

Alejandro spoke candidly to Arabian Man Moda about his versatile career, his mindset and present changes in the entertainment industry. 

Fashion Editor: Victor Concepto
Photographer: Florian Boggia

AM: Alejandro, Who Killed Sara? is a milestone in your career. Generally speaking, what kind of roles do you look for?
For me it's more about the connection with the story at the very moment. I can tell you a lot of things like I only choose roles that touch my heart and so on. But the truth is while I read something, and if I connect to the story, that is what really matters to me. You can make it real in front of the audience with whatever you're telling. I think about it honestly and without any judgment, I enjoy it and try to do my best.

AM: In your opinion, why are there few Latin-American actors on the international scene?
I think that is changing for sure. It’s changing for so many reasons because the world is evolving. After the pandemic, the streaming platforms and spectators changed their mindsets and started taking more risks in watching things from different countries. But also, it is important to give the opportunity and means to other actors who have been working for years. You know Rubén Blades is an actor, he has been in Hollywood and all over the world for 35 years and has opened the door for us, the Latin actors of today. And of course, we then had Penélope Cruz, Salma Hayek and so many more. But it’s a combination of how the world is right now and how streaming platforms have changed everything. It's no longer absurd for a Venezuelan man to be living in Paris and in love with a French woman. For example, my next project is a series in Istanbul with an Iranian actor and a German-Turkish actress in English. So yes, I think somehow the borders are going down. Maybe not in terms of politics, but the art is breaking out for sure.

Alejandro Nones x Arabian Moda

AM: And speaking of streaming platforms, why are people from the entertainment industry resisting them?
I can understand that because when you're used to something you hold on to it, and you want to keep it as it is. But I am more romantic about the issue, because I think movies are never going to die. It’s a special thing, the whole ritual of going to the cinema, the popcorn, whether you go with your friends, family or by yourself, is a unique ritual for me. I'm never going to lose the desire of going to watch movies, it’s so special to me. But somehow the world is given other options and the audience needs this power to decide when, how, and what to watch.

AM: You have also developed a signature style. How would you best describe the way you like to be dressed?
I don't like sneakers in general. I like a classic style with a twist that could make things a little risky in a special way. I think it's important to feel empowered, secure and comfortable with whatever you are wearing. I feel very confident when I am the one who decides what to wear.

Alejandro Nones x Arabian Moda

AM: A word of advice for up-and-coming actors who seek a global career?
Never think something is impossible. I know it sounds like a cliché, but it is the truth. Nothing is possible when in your mind you believe it’s impossible. I recommend that you base your acting life on discipline, hard work and your heart. And consistency of course. It's going to happen, of course it’s going to happen, so believe in yourself first!