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Q&A with Lyn Abdel Rahman & Filza Marri Cofounders of Le Fil Paris


Lyn Abdel Rahman & Filza Marri Cofounders of Le Fil Paris
AM: Tell us more about your background and professional career
My name is Lyn Abdel Rahman, I was born in Beirut and raised in Abu Dhabi. I decided to move to Lebanon to pursue a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at the American University of Beirut. Throughout my studies I was trying to discover my passion and my dream job. After graduating I decided to move to Paris and obtained a master’s degree in fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni. At the end of that journey, I knew that I wanted to evolve and grow in that field and eventually start my own brand. After a series of internships in 2019 covid started and everything changed.

Filza Marri, also a graduate of Istituto Marangoni, and I took the decision to make the most of our time while at home when everything was in lockdown to create, design and develop our brand. Two years later we are proud to still be going and achieving new heights one step at a time.

AM: How would you describe Le Fil Paris woman?
We don’t want to categorise women based on age or style. It’s true that Le Fil  represents the very sublime and exhibits soft silhouettes, but at the same time we imagine all women in our designs. She can be someone who has a strong personality or someone who is sensitive and dreamy. No matter of the culture or profession it is a brand for all as Le Fil reflects a multicultural idea. Two women from different backgrounds uniting and creating in harmony. All women are beautiful and strong. And this is what we want to celebrate and highlight, it is a brand by women for women.

Le Fil Paris

AM: To what extent do you follow the latest trends?
It is true that it is important to be aware of the trends, and we do our research thoroughly before designing but we don’t worry a lot about trying to follow them. Our focus while designing is coming up with new designs and really bringing our ideas to life. We are constantly noting down, and sketching ideas and they usually come naturally regardless of the place and time.

AM: What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?
Our latest collection is a homage to Paris, we wanted to create something that represents our love for everything dreamy and how Paris embodies that. The inspirations were the “Fables de La Fontaine”. We wanted to portray the magic and the return to childhood through the iconic fables. The use of quilting, fur and silky shiny materials are all representations of everything that is comforting and dreamy.

Le Fil Paris
AM: And in your opinion, what makes Paris so essential for a fashion designer?
Paris is a very dreamy place, it has given birth to many of the most influential artists, writers and fashion designers. Every building, every cafe in paris has a story to tell. Years and years of beauty and magic. The city of lights and love, the embodiment of everything so delicate and enchanting. What would be a better place for creativity/creators than Paris ?

AM: Finally, what are your next projects?
We have so many projects and we are very excited to start working on all of them. As you might know we follow a zero-waste approach. We donate all the leftover fabric from cutting while producing to women in the rural parts of Pakistan to make a traditional quilt called Ralli. In doing so they can make a living by selling what they created. Our newest project will be to collaborate with these women and create a capsule collection that will be sold entirely for donation purposes and the money collected will be donated to associations in Lebanon to help with women education.

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