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Digital Cover featuring Guy Manoukian


Arabian Moda x Guy Manoukian Digital Cover
Loud and proud, Guy Manoukian carries the name of Lebanon on the international scene as he performs sold-out concerts at iconic venues like l’Olympia, Her Majesty’s Theater and The Sydney Opera House to name a few.

One of the very first Lebanese musicians to have paved the way for Middle Eastern talent, the master-artist stays true to his oriental heritage and composes universal melodies that captivate a legion of audiences.

During a special appearance in Cannes, Guy Manoukian sat down with Arabian Man Moda and revealed his influences, career learning lessons and ongoing passion for music.

AM: Guy, it seems like you were born to be an artist. When did you first decide to be one? 
I started playing instruments at the mere age of four, and by eight I was sure that I was destined for this industry. When I turned 16 years old, I become a professional artist and the rest is history.  

AM: Growing up who were your role models?
My idols were always my father and my two older brothers. Musically, I was a fan of many genres, in classical it was Debussy and Bach, in pop music I liked ABBA, Bob Marley, Chris de Burgh and U2, and several more like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

AM: What would you say is your main source of inspiration when you work on new music?
Definitely everyday life, its ups and downs, the failures and triumphs. Every single aspect of life serves a source of inspiration for me.

Arabian Moda x Guy Manoukian

AM: And how is your creative process like?
I don’t resort to any type of rigid exercise or ritual, it just pours out of me! I would say my creative vibe is constant and permanent.

AM: Looking back, what were the main elements that contributed to your current success?
Perseverance, daring to dream big and following through, and of course, hard work till this very day. I always like to challenge myself and I consider that my biggest competitor is myself, a person I try to beat every day.

AM: Lebanon has always been the capital of arts in the Middle East region; what do Lebanese talents need to make it on a wider scale?
It is true that my country has always been, and still is, a massive provider of talent throughout the Middle East. All we need is a chance, and once that opportunity is given, we tend to seize it and make the best out of it.

AM: You have performed infront of high-profile personalities and thousands of spectators. What kind of events are more challenging for you as an artist?
I get my energy and power from my fans and they never disappoint. I have never ever had a challenging show because I truly enjoy what I do.

Arabian Moda x Guy Manoukian

AM: You also seem to have a strong connection with Paris. What role did France play in your career?
As a Lebanese of Armenian origins, both of my roots have strong ties to France. My sold-out concert at the Olympia venue was a pivotal milestone and an extremely proud moment for me and my family.

AM: Finally, what are some new projects in the works?
All my concentration is now directed towards The Theatre Dubai which is my pride and joy, without forgetting my ongoing tours around the world. My upcoming concerts will be in Lebanon, London, Montreal and the United States.

Fashion Editor: Victor Concepto - Photographer: Joy Strotz