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Digital Cover Featuring Nil Gorgulu of NGG Jewelz


Arabian Moda x NGG Jewelz
In an atelier at Istanbul’s enchanting Grand Bazaar bloomed a brand of fantasy jewelry and exquisite pieces. NGG Jewelz is the passion project of its founder Nil Görgülü, a Turkish-Lebanese entrepreneur and designer.

From the capital of Turkey, and overlooking the Bosphorus strait, Nil graces Arabian Moda and talks about her business and the expansion of NGG Jewelz worldwide.  

AM: Tell us more about your background and what got you into the jewelry field?
I would almost say it was my destiny that started with my grandmother’s embroidery during my childhood. I have a vivid memory of her opulence; everything from her flamboyant earrings, to her makeup, her hairstyle to the jewelry she wore. All this feminine effervescence was fascinating and I think led me to the ultimate dream of becoming a designer. However, the path took longer than expected. I had to serve almost 15 years as a white collar professional and some more years as a full-time mother, before I could start my business in 2013 under the brand NGG Jewelz initially designing at my own home, and later developed into a proper atelier.

AM: How would you describe NGG Jewelz’s aesthetics?
My Turkish and Lebanese roots influence the way I think and how I create my designs. Luxury and high-end fashion ideas challenge me. My perspective on jewelry design is my desire to create bold, bling, shiny and easy to wear at every age. This means giving a unique style aligned with a one-of-a-kind signature jewel. I continue to be fascinated by shiny stones, gems, pearls, gold, crystals, along with precious and elegant embroideries taken from traditional garments.

Arabian Moda x NGG Jewelz

AM: Describe your creative and production process
I can be inspired from anything and anywhere. For example, visiting the Miracle Garden in Dubai at the end of 2020 pushed me to prepare the new collection of flowers which is now selling worldwide.

All the collections come to life at my atelier in Grand Bazaar with a team of six experts who understand the potentials and pitfalls of the jewelry materials and processes such as cutting and forming metal, soldering, casting, stone-setting, enameling and how it all relates to the woman's body.

AM: And what kind of woman do you cater to?
In Europe women are admittedly elegant but prefer plain and basic jewelry with less color and style. I find it a bit unfortunate as in my opinion women in the Middle East are brave, playful with colors and shapes. Their femininity helps me cater to their glamorous and sparkling personalities. I’ve always been attracted by haute joaillerie and I like twisting these inspirations to create flamboyant and big statement pieces that attract the attention.

Arabian Moda x NGG Jewelz

AM: And speaking of women, is it challenging to be a female entrepreneur in the Middle East?
"Never start a business just to make money. Start a business just to make a difference," said Marie Forleo.

As a designer you have to constantly improve. In this industry if you are standing still, you’re falling behind. You constantly have to expand your portfolio of designs, your knowledge of material and technological changes. Every customer is unique and thinks differently and hence envisages the outcome differently. These challenges are faced everywhere, in the Middle East, Europe and the US, so you need to offer multiple solutions that suit the taste of a customer.

AM: Where are your currently selling your brand?
Initially I started with indirect channels at few independent shops in a variety of countries. In 2020 my first retail concept shop come to life in Istanbul at Bagdat Street. In 2022, I continued to open my own stores in Abu Dhabi and Luxembourg. Soon my second shop in Istanbul will also be operational. My designs are also available in Harvey Nichols, Galeries La Fayette and as part of my omnichannel strategy at

The UAE is particularly an important country for me, my Fleur Magnifique collection is launched at Sauce Dubai and my other collections can be seen at Flrtd and O'de Rose in Dubai.

Arabian Moda x NGG Jewelz
AM: Finally, tell us more about your future projects?
I have achieved some of my goals of creating and growing NGG Jewelz. I will continue experimenting with different materials to create new collections. It’s so satisfying to witness that each season my collections influence more women in the world. My ultimate objective is to be known as the Queen of Flower where I will have my own and independent shops around the world with different types of flower collections for women to feel confident and happy.