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The Special Edition with Guest of Honor Dame Joan Collins

Arabian Moda x Joan Collins
Dame Joan Collins wears a gown by Jenny Packham and shoes by Jimmy Choo

She is an icon by all means. A name that transcends Hollywood and that has reached households around the world. She is the ever so glamorous Dame Joan Collins.

From her Beverly Hills home, Dame Joan Collins talks about her career and latest book My Unapologetic Diaries.

AM: In a few words, how would you summarize your glorious career?
Hard work, good luck, determination and talent.

AM: While some artists go through ups and downs, to this day you are still a fan-favorite and under the limelight, what is your secret?
My social media presence especially on Instagram.

AM: Besides talent your name is synonymous with high-end fashion and style, what are some of your favorite designers?
Mark Zunino, Nolan Miller, Ralph Lauren, Jenny Packham and Elie Saab.

AM: In your opinion, what makes a woman elegant?
Confidence, style and knowing what suits her. 

Arabian Moda x Joan Collins
AM: You are also a best-selling author, why do you enjoy writing books?
I love writing, I've been writing prodigiously since I was a child. My Unapologetic Diaries is my 18th book. My bibliography includes five memories, six books about beauty, health and happiness and six novels

AM: So tell us more about your latest release, My Unapologetic Diaries?
I started recording on my mini-cassette recorder on the last day of shooting on Dynasty.  Everything in the book was spoken by me, not written and it ends in 2009 with a May 2021 epilog. It is funny, naughty and gives a fascinating glimpse into my life.

AM: You’ve been vocal about women’s rights, are you satisfied with the changes happening in society?
NO! I don't think we are going forward enough.

AM: Of all the successes, what would you say is your proudest career moment?
Winning a golden Globe for Best Actress on Dynasty.

Arabian Moda x Joan Collins
AM: A word of advice to up and coming actors who look up to you
Never stop learning. You have the opportunity to learn from the best actors in the world from studying them on motion pictures and television.

AM: You have a lot of fans in the Middle East, have you visited the region? And what are your thoughts about Middle Eastern women?
I went to Dubai a few years ago. Unfortunately, I got terribly sick with the flu and did not get the chance to explore. According to your magazine, it looks as though the ladies are gracious, elegant and beautifully dressed.

Purchase My Unapologetic Diaries here.

Photographer: Joy Strotz 

Stylist: RenĂ© Horsch 

Fashion Editor: Victor Concepto