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Digital Cover Featuring Patricia Contreras

Arabian Moda x Patricia Contreras x Yanina Couture

She is a regular on the festival circuit with constant appearances at international fashion weeks. The Italian-Mexican, and so very Parisian, model and aspiring actress Patricia Contreras graces the cover of Arabian Moda this summer.

Patricia Contreras wears Yanina Couture and Leonard Paris.

Photographer: Victor Danilov
Fashion Editor & Stylist: Victor Concepto
Hair and Makeup Artists: Alina Bondarevska and Maryna Armoudom from Lena Yasenkova Team using Givenchy Beauty
Location: Bulgari Hotel, Paris

AM: Patricia, tell our readers more about your background and career in Paris?
I have always dreamt to live in Paris. For me Europe was the place where I wanted to live and fashion was my goal since the very beginning. I love beauty, creativity, philosophy and arts, a world without this has no meaning. I am so happy that I had the chance to be discovered by a scouter, just like in movies, and who took me to Milan where I started my modeling career before I moved to Paris. I feel like I have a group of guardian angels that protect and take care of me and put me at the right place.

AM: And when did you commence your career as an influencer?
I started when brands and clients asked me to represent them. Influence chose me. I will always be grateful for having a community that supports me. Today everything happens in a community, and people need to understand this, it is impossible to achieve anything without one.

Arabian Moda x Patricia Contreras x Leonard Paris
AM: You are also an actress, what are some of your highlights?
I am an actress by nature, no joke. I am quite a dramatic person. I see everything in bold colors and textures in all waves. I started acting in Milan and Rome, even though I already had offers back in Mexico. I have worked with Sorrentino for Campari, with Gabriel Garko, for Italian TV as a presenter, for fashion shows and French TV appearances like in Les Reines du shopping, Un dîner presque parfait, Beauty Hacks and music videos for Clément Albertini.

AM: Being a fashionable personality, how would you describe your style?
I grew up watching icons like Coco Chanel, Galliano, Dolce & Gabbana, Gianni Versace… For me it is all about the personality. If you want to be a fashionista you have to tell something to the world, the clothes are just the means. I had so much fun during my career, trying various kind of looks with hair and makeup styles. My fashion sense is eclectic, I just can’t stick to one. However, whatever I wear needs to compliment my body form, it should be well-tailored and fits me like a glove. 
Arabian Moda x Patricia Contreras x Leonard Paris
AM: What would you say is the main message that you transmit to your followers?
My message to all the people who see me out there is to be courageous and go for what you want. I want to empower women and men, and every human being, to be open to one another, to be comprehensive, and to understand our community. Everything has changed and we have to be open to this and erase boundaries of any kind, to have an open mentality and break the patterns.

AM: And are you able to disconnect from your phone every now and then?
Of course, I disconnect. I need my me moments out of the digital world. I love meditation and other ways to take care of my soul. I have no agenda for this, I just do it when I feel drained. I read, I listen to Joe Dispenza, I eat healthy, I do tons of sports. I cut out all the negative people and surround myself with good vibes.
Arabian Moda x Patricia Contreras x Yanina Couture

AM: You also seem to be an advocate for NFT and new technologies, in your opinion, why should people invest in that?
I am crazy about it. It’s such a new adventure. I created my NFT collection and I would love to go into the Metaverse. Everyone should try it, it’s like the new Instagram, you will see it soon!
AM: Finally, which brands are you working with?
I am a big fan of the beauty world; I think it is such a great weapon to empower our femininity. I am a brand representative for Givenchy Beauty, Sephora France, Esthederm and have recently started working with Ungaro, Yanina, Gasanova, Revolve and more.

Arabian Moda x Patricia Contreras x Yanina Couture
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