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Meet Austria’s Most Talented Violinist and Composer: Yury Revich

Yury Revich
An award-wining violinist, an artist of many things, Yury Revich seems unstoppable as he tours from one continent to another and performs his capitating music in front of an international fanbase which often includes high-profile personalities and royalty.

AM: Yury, tell us more about your career and how did it all start?
I come from four generations of violinists in my family. We play the violin since the 19th century. It is all very exciting but also a very big responsibility. I grew up listening to music, reading books, learning to paint, enjoying nature and working hard all while practicing many hours a day since the age of 5.

When I was 5 years old my father gave me a little violin to try out. We figured that I have good hearing abilities and could pick up some melodies quite quickly, both on the piano and violin. But we decided not to “cheat” on the violin with a piano, and as my ancestors did, I started learning the violin professionally.

AM: You have various awards and international experiences, what would you say are some of your proudest achievements?
Definitely the ECHO Klassik Award and International Classical Music Awards. Debuts in Carnegie Hall, La Scala, Musikverein and many other esteemed venues. Playing a Stradivari violin from the year 1709, loaned from the Goh Family Foundation, was also an exceptional moment.

I was also happy to be appointed as the UNICEF Austria Honorary Representative where I represented Austria as a cultural ambassador and accompanied the Austrian president at the Dubai World Expo.

Yury Revich
Yury Revich wears Eye Jewellery by Yury Revich
AM: And what are some of your other interests and hobbies?  
Minerology, writing novels and filming short films. I am interested in all forms of arts. Life is an art form and we should create the artworks every day and try to avoid the superficiality of an ordinary everyday life.
AM: So, how did the idea of your eyewear brand come about? 
This is not a brand, this is art. These are windows to an endless fantasy. The reason why I started to draw the eye jewelry is that I grew up very shy and introverted and the best way for me to express myself was music, but I always wanted to hide behind my glasses or something. And because I never needed actual eye glasses, and I want to be authentic, my eye jewelry has no lenses.

AM: How would you describe the brand’s DNA?
I was always inspired by the shapes around me, by the sense of time, the air, atmospheric geometry, and space function. I was always thinking to myself: is there a limit to unlimited fantasy and dreams? How would dreamland look like? Would it be a box for each person according to their own desires, or an infinite space of possibilities for everyone? How would it feel to look at the world through the windows of an endless fantasy? So, I decided to fulfill my passion and create those windows. These are the pieces for eyes reflecting the shapes and the sounds of the world. They protect you from the routine of the world around you and create your very own infinite space.

I believe a person's face is a canvas with a million feelings and eyes are the universe of diverse emotions and energies. The pieces I design are created to express those energies further and are translated into physical objects.

Yury Revich
Eye Jewellery by Yury Revich

AM: How is the creative process like?
I can get inspired any minute anywhere. The most important for me is not to push myself into a creative process but to catch the spark of the feeling at that very moment and start to create. It is like charging the infinite battery and power stream from the universe that is going through my mind and then executing it on a paper with a pencil.

AM: And what about the production process, where is your eye jewelry manufactured and from which materials?
They are manufactured by top jewelers based in London and Athens, materials used are platinum, gold, silver and different types of wood and precious stones.

AM: Where can we purchase your brand?
You can learn more about the art objects and commission pieces at

AM: Finally, what are some of your upcoming projects?
I have big tours around the world. I am also launching my own creative event and exhibition space in the heart of Vienna. And of course, composing my own music and releasing a new album with my original neo-classical /electronic music soon, so stay tuned!