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Q&A with Lebanese Designer Georges Chakra


Georges Chakra

AM: How did you start your glorious career?  
I was first as an interior design student, which could explain why there’s a lot of structured dresses in my collections. However, I changed to fashion design in Canada and did internships in New York. In the mid 80s I moved back to Beirut where I started my small atelier and it grew year after year.

AM: How would you describe your creative process?
It depends on several things; it could be a travel, a film or an unordinary client who inspires me. There is no typical process as it changes every time and can’t be pre-planned. All my work is about being creative and in the moment.

AM: Why is Paris so important to you and your Maison?
Ever since I was a student, I dreamt about showcasing in Paris and it has been more than 20 years that I present my collections here. It’s something I am very proud of.

AM: In a few words who is the Georges Chakra woman?
She is sophisticated, she doesn’t reveal a lot of her body, she is elegant, intellectual and modern.

AM: A proud career moment?
When I saw my clothes in The Devil Wears Prada film, the production asked for something glamourous and unordinary and so my designs made it to the silver screen.

AM: A word of advice for the new generation of designers?
They have to be optimistic but work hard. Yes, social media makes it easier to gain publicity, yet you have to remain humble and to have a 180-degree vision to see what’s happening, what are the new materials on the market, and above all, challenge yourself and avoid repetition.

Georges Chakra Couture

Full story available in Arabian Moda’s Autumn/Winter Paper Edition — The As Haute As It Gets Issue.