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Digital Cover featuring Amber Nash


Amber Nash Arabian Moda Digital
The comedian talks Atlanta, starring in an award-winning show Archer and new endeavours.

AM: Amber, tell us more about your career and how it all started?
I started out as an improviser at Dad's Garage Theatre in Atlanta. I was on track for a career in psychology, but I got swept up in the world of comedy and never looked back. Improvisation is where I learned everything I know about comedy and performance. In fact, I still improvise at Dad's Garage today!

AM: You are based in Atlanta, Georgia, how would you describe your home state to our international readers?
Georgia is the Peach state. Down here we specialize in collard greens, cobbler, and sweet tea. Most importantly, it's the birthplace of the modern civil rights movement. Georgia culture is woven into every BBQ joint and barber shop you'll find, and the state has recently been very impactful in our national politics. It's an exciting place to live in.

AM: You are also a voice actress, what are some challenges of this profession and how do you prepare yourself before voicing a character?
Each character is so different, so each one requires a distinct preparation process. I completely reinvent myself every time I take on a new role. For each part I play, I am a phoenix reborn.

As for the challenges of being a voice actor, there are plenty for sure. The absolute biggest one in my opinion is staying committed even when the times are tough.

AM: How does it feel to be part of the Primetime Emmy and Critics Choice Television Awarded winning series Archer?
Of course it's always nice to get recognized when you feel like you're doing good work, but ultimately it's not really about the awards. They're a byproduct that happens when you're a part of an amazing team that is committed to bringing out the best in each other.

AM: Your show has crossed the 12-season milestone, do you feel that it will be difficult to move on when all this ends?
I will never move on. You can't make me!

AM: The TV and film industry is extremely difficult, how did you manage to keep going and not give up?

I think at first it was just the folly of youth. I was too naive to see just how difficult it was going to be, so I just kept going. But over the years I've found that it's the people you surround yourself with that keep you going. Like it or not, we become more like the people around us everyday! So if you make sure your world is full of kind, thoughtful, driven, inspiring people, it is the path you will walk as well.

AM: So what advice would you give to an up-and-coming actor?
If you can do anything else, do it! Keep acting on the side for fun, but also pursue a career that has a modicum of stability. If you can't do that, if living that way would be a lie then be professional even in the least professional settings, be kind to others and it'll come back to you. And always do the low budget project that you believe in ahead of the big pay day that doesn't excite you.

AM: You are involved in charity and humanitarian work, why is it so important for an actor to give back?
I think it's important for everyone to give back. We're all living on borrowed resources. This is something we're accepting as a culture for the first time in history. We all have to do our part and do what we can to take care of every living being around us.

AM: You are executive producing a new film How to Ruin the Holidays
Yes, this is a project that I'm making with my husband and some very close friends. In addition to Executive Producing the film, I'm also starring in it alongside my good buddy Colin Mochrie and an amazing Atlanta actor named Luke Davis. It's something I'm really excited about, and I can't wait to share it with the world.

AM: This film was funded by a Kickstarter campaign, how much is it rewarding to have a supportive system and fanbase that allows you to realize such a project?
I'm so grateful for the support of all of the amazing Archer fans, and specifically the Pam Poovey fans. They're the best!

AM: And speaking of new platforms, what’s your take about streaming services?
I think things will continue to evolve and grow. New platforms will appear, old ones will transform, and we'll all get to continue reaping the benefits of so much amazing content being available at our fingertips.

Photographer: Yasmine Kateb - Makeup Artist: Allison Noelle - Hair Stylist: Matilde Campos