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Interview with Turkey’s Starlet: Actress Wilma Elles

Fashion: Giedre Petruskeviciene, Martial Tapolo, Odalys Marino and Valerija Fic Brase 

 Art Director/Stylist: Victor Concepto - Photographer: Tomasz Koperski - Hair & Makeup: Janine Zenk & Team Makeup Art Academy Paris - Talent: Wilma Elles - Location: Hotel Le Majestic, Cannes - Acknowledgement: Season 6 Of Tiffany's Red Carpet Week Cannes Fashion Show 

Arabian Moda x Wilma Elles
AM: Wilma, tell us more about your personal and professional career
At the age of four, I told everybody that I will be an actress or an ambassador. I always wanted to get to know the world as much as possible. Diving into another person, another character, another life is the optimum freedom and adventure. I love life in all its colors and I love when every character becomes its own hero as I work on its challenges.
AM: A career from Germany to Turkey, how did it all start?
As there are many people with Turkish origins in Germany, I always had Turkish friends with whom I did short movies. One of my friends suggested I audition for a Turkish movie; I did and got the role. And two years later I was recommended for a TV series. I passed the casting and both the producer and I were courageous enough to play one of the lead roles in the series Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki. At the beginning, I learned my lines phonetically as I couldn't speak Turkish. I remember the first night so well as there was the biggest thunderstorm I have seen in my life and I felt that this was an adequate welcome to the industry. After that a wonderful adventurous time began for me all alone in the Istanbul metropole.

Arabian Moda x Wilma Elles-2

AM: Was it a challenge to act in a different country and language?
Yes, I trained until my eyelids dropped. It was very intense, but the team on the stressful set of a TV series welcomed me all very warmly and helped me a lot. I think that was the best acting lesson for me, you really can feel that acting is all about the heart and to understand the other person by looking into their eyes.

AM: How would you describe the Turkish film and TV industry?
For ten years now, Turkish TV series are the second most sold TV series in the world. For example, Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki which had 73 percent of the viewers when it first aired in Turkey was sold to more than 70 countries and aired with high ratings. The Turkish TV industry is very diverse and with the digital platforms even more TV series are produced every year. The production costs can be much lower than in Europe or America and that's why a lot of producers are producing in Turkey now.

Arabian Moda x Wilma Elles
AM: In your opinion, what makes it so popular in the Middle East?
First of all Istanbul, the 16 million population mega metropole with a rich culture and history, is a worldwide magnet. There is not one person who wouldn't love the city. It offers everything there can be between East and West. It still is a connection point between many big industries in the East and West, so that's why many cultures can identify with the stories told.  
AM: You've acted in TV and movies, which do you prefer?
I just love to act, whether it’s for TV, film or theater. It's great to just be on a short trip for a movie and jump into this other life, but I also love to play in TV shows where I develop plans for the character, fight for the role and maybe even try to give ideas to the writers so it really becomes a second life for a longer period in life.
Arabian Moda x Wilma Elles
AM: And what is your proudest career moment so far?
There are so many moments I have enjoyed to the fullest and which make my little heart proud, happy and satisfied. Like all the beautiful moments when I got accepted for a role, won an award, experienced the first day on set and saw a director who is happy. Or when I see my film for the first time on TV and on the big screen. I am content that I found something in life that gives me so much energy and makes it meaningful. 
AM: Finally, what are some of your current and upcoming projects
I am very happy about the American Film Production Silvercarnation about the Iranian showmaster and poet Fereydoun Farrokzhad and where I played the female lead Ania in Paramount Studios. And proud of a feature film I did in Germany called Sem Duhl- Die Wiedekehr where I also played the lead female character Katharian with a Ukrainian accent and with a pole dance scene for which I trained a lot for.