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Channel Your Inner Showgirl with Kalon Movement

Kalon Movement
Have you ever dreamed of enrolling in a cabaret training session, of flaunting that perfect showgirl physique, or having professional dancers from the infamous Moulin Rouge and Lido as your fitness coach? If so, then the French Kalon Movement has all what you need and more.
AM: Kalon Girls, tell us more about your original concept
As professional dancers in Paris’s biggest cabarets - the Lido and the Moulin Rouge - we realized people, especially women, were keen to understand our habits and lifestyle to stay fit and lean whilst being happy and healthy. So we decided to create Kalon, which signifies the idea of physical and inner beauty, and develop our own method - Cardio Barre to help non-dancers sculpt their body like a dancer, without needing to know how to dance! Inspired by ballet and Pilâtes, this super-intense and sculpting method is always paired with lots of fun so that our tribe is always smiling during and after class.

All our teachers and team members are professional dancers from the world’s biggest shows and cabarets, such as the Moulin Rouge, Lido de Paris, Crazy Horse and the Rockettes, where a sculpted body and long lean limbs are a criterion for entry. All teachers are professionally trained in Yoga, Pilâtes and/or Cardio Barre. Most importantly, they’re all so fun and friendly to be around!

AM: What are some of the key services you provide?
Kalon now deploys its Cardio Barre, Yoga & Fitness classes in many different luxury hotels in Paris and internationally, as well as being a luxury fitness app and platform to workout from home.

We are currently developing our own line of fitness wear, releasing our first recipe book and of course, always training new Cardio Barre instructors to grow the team.
Kalon Movement

AM: What is it about showgirls that fascinates you and inspires you the most?
There is so much mystery around the historical glitz and glamour of the Parisian cabaret scene. For decades the girls working in these shows have been admired from a distance and known around the world for their unique looks: long lean limbs, strong yet graceful demeanor and an elegant posture despite carrying around heavy headpieces and feathered backpacks. These women represent Parisian culture: freedom, femininity and a lust for life. Creating a team entirely with these women means offering our clients access into a world previously unattainable, and opens the doors backstage onto the mystical world of plumes and paillettes…

AM: What are the criteria for casting your professional girls?
Team K members must be, or have been, professional dancers. They must have trained from a young age as dancers, and then have trained as Kalon Cardio Barre coaches, as well as Yoga, Pilâtes or dance. They should be kind, welcoming and warm, and understand that teaching a class isn’t only about representing the discipline with your body shape, but also about being genuine and open with clients so that they feel comfortable and actually want to spend time with you!

Try a class and join the Kalon Movement here.