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Entertainment à la RêvARTe Productions


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Strongly influenced by world-class shows and events, RêvARTe productions offer clients high quality, inspiring and unforgettable entertainment at their fingertips.

AM: Introduce us to RêvARTe Entertinament
RêvARTe is an artistic production company for luxury events and theatre. We conceive shows from A to Z, starting off with the creation of the entertainment concept and the casting of the artists, we then design and create costumes that bring to life the vision of our clients. Our founders have had years of experience working for the most famous cabarets in the world, we dreamed a long time of a way to combine our passion and expertise and create a company inspired by entertainment, art, fashion, and everything we find beautiful.

AM: What are some of your offerings?
One of the pillars of our company is the tailored-made creation of all costumes, our designers and tailors work tirelessly in order to always find new inspirations for a better visualization of the theme of the event. Our clients can also enjoy a variety of other services like artistic and stage direction, choreography, artists management, casting and more.

AM: Showgirls and cabaret dancers clearly inspire you, why so?
The passion for French cabaret is easily readable in all our creations, we have an unconditional love with the way this art form portrays the female figure. Showgirls are the muses of the Parisian nightlife, their capacity to present their femininity and keeping the glamour and chic touch in everything they do is the reason why they are an asset in many of our productions.
Arabian Moda x RêvARTe Entertainment
AM: And how do you recruit your artists?
All our artists follow a very thorough casting process, we demand very high-quality training and of course the capacity of connecting with the audience. Our female dancers need to be taller than 1,70 cm to assure that bigger costumes can be worn well. We are always looking for a well-rounded dancer capable of switching from one dance style to another, but we mainly seek that “je ne sais quoi” factor that makes them stand out and immediately recognizable as RêvARTe dancers.

AM: What were some of your activities this previous summer?
We are constantly creating new collaborations with many different brands, our latest collaboration during the Cannes Film Festival was with Giorgia Viola Communications pop-up store for which we created in collaboration with Kalon Movement an all-day experience for the costumers of the Tamaris Plage, Cannes. Both companies work with professional cabaret dancers, and this allowed us to offer fitness classes in the morning as well as a Fashion Revue shows in the afternoon. Following that event, we have been working with one of the most well-known event catering companies in Paris to create a new exclusive and exciting product for the upcoming year.

AM: And what are your next projects?
It’s always really hard for us to pin point all our future projects because there is so much we want to achieve and explore. But we can safely say that we are working really hard towards expanding our theatrical productions. We want RêvARTe to become a referential point for entertainment in Europe and in the world, and our talented team is eager to reach that goal!

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Photographer: Elli Ioannou - Art Director/Stylist: Victor Concepto