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Marli – Your Must-Have Slip Dress


Marli Dresses

Marli dresses bring comfort to the next level. The label aims to minimize clothing in a closet and give every piece more than one purpose by employing a sustainable approach with a fashionable twist.

From Monaco, we sat down with co-founder Liliya Tippetts who told us all about her innovative line.

AM: Tell us all about the brand’s story and DNA
Marli dresses is a family affair, created by the vision of two sisters based in London and Monaco. Our dresses combine the contrasting laid back riviera chicness and big city cosmopolitan flair. With a carefully curated color palette, the selection of Marli dresses is striking and versatile for any occasion.

AM: Who is your target client?
All women - no age or body type. We want our designs to inspire and empower all women around the world.

Marli Dresses

AM: And how is your creative process like?
Sustainability and slow fashion are our inspiration. Our concept is to create a garment that can serve a purpose in any weather condition and for any occasion.

Marli dresses brings back the soul in a wardrobe, silky and slinky with a focus on sustainability. Our own designs inspire us to create more. Our initial start was with the Marli slip dress and later we introduced Marli essential cardigans. These cardigans can be paired with any garment from Marli or can be a great addition to any other outfit.

AM: How are your pieces produced?
Handmade from reassuring sustainable material in Europe by fairly-paid women. Our special innovative material puts sustainability and comfort at the forefront with the perfectly balanced mix of silk, eco-polyester and spandex. In this breathable material our client can enjoy the summer soul with ease due to its special wrinkle resistant properties.

Marli Dresses

AM: And where can we purchase your designs?
Our collections are available online and some pieces can be found around the top spots in Monaco (Beachwear and More), Cannes (Le Shop 17), beaches at Saint Tropez and in London (Le la London).