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Celebrity Status Explored by CHANEL

Marion Cotillard - CHANEL The notion of celebrity has drastically changed since the establishment of the cinema industry to the rise of social media and digital platforms. Coinciding with the 100-year anniversary of CHANEL’s iconic N°5 perfume, the French maison introduces 100 Years of Celebrity - a film that re-explores celebrity culture, its social impact and the ongoing public fascination. 

French Academy Award-winning actress Marion Cotillard, the new face of N°5, and five international figures who have excelled in their respective fields, all share their personal take on being a celebrity.

In an intimate talk, Cotillard appears alongside Marie-Agnès Gillot (choreographer and an étoile ballet dancer of the Opéra de Paris), Hung Huang (television host), Laurie Santos (Harvard-graduate psychologist), Graydon Carter (former editor of Vanity Fair) and Lil Buck (international dancer).
 “All celebrities have a purpose of being, because they tell the story of us, of our society, what should be shown, and what needs to be seen… A strong celebrity status is a one that lasts over time because it's founded on creativity, through the way we share our creations and who we are…” says the La Vie En Rose veteran actress.