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Interview with Sara Cavazza Facchini, Creative Director of GENNY

Sara Cavazza Facchini GENNY
1960s Italy witnessed the birth of fashion powerhouses many of which are still defining the industry today. The house of GENNY and its associated labels had many famous names passing through its hallways like Christian Lacroix and the late Gianni Versace.

A decade since the brand’s rebirth, Sara Cavazza Facchini serves as the creative head and is determined to bring back timeless elegance with a sustainable twist. 

Arabian Moda spoke to Sara about all things GENNY.

AM: Sara, tell us more about your professional background up until your current role at GENNY?  
My passion for fashion began when I was a child. My grandparents sold fabrics to seamstresses who worked at home, and I enjoyed going with them on trips, by these women always with the tape measure wrapped around their necks. I grew up with the smell of fabrics, white chalks, thimbles ... I could see the clothes forming on my body. My curriculum is a very large set of experiences and collaborations that have allowed me to form at 360 degrees.  

My experiences start from a career as a model when I was still a teenager and continue with a degree and a master in fashion and design and the first collaborations as responsible for endorsement celebrities and PR for special events for brands of Prêt-à-porter. Later I integrated this responsibility by taking on the creative direction of the children's division of a Prêt-à-porter brand. I then joined the Genny style office and, in contact with creativity, I worked on the creation of custom looks for actresses and special events, and later on the design of the concept for the first Genny single-brand store, as well as for the accessories and licenses collections until the nomination as Creative Director.

AM: How would you describe the GENNY woman?
Genny is a harmonious mix of femininity, freedom, elegance, classy and refined luxury. My woman is a woman who works and travels. Her look goes with her during all day long and have to make her feel always perfect and at ease. That's why fabrics are very important to me. When a new fabric arrives at the company, first I try it on myself and I feel what it conveys to me.

AM: And how are you able to preserve the legacy of the Maison while following industry trends?
Genny has always been known for its elegance, embroidery, and very feminine and clean silhouettes. Ever since I started designing for Genny I always try to bring back that concept of timeless elegance, which I feel belongs to me in order to create harmonious dresses that make woman special and sophisticated.

AM: What inspires you the most and how is your creative process like?
It is the emotional aspect of the life that stimulates my creativity,  the sensations, the perceptions, like the design that forms the icy snow, the architecture of the buildings of NYC, the decorative detail on the bridges of Paris and an intense color. All these feelings generate in me the desire to give form and content to the beauty that I feel vibrating in me. From here starts the research of fabrics, of colors in harmony, of shapes, of the kind of woman that should vibrate as the first feeling I had about the idea.


AM: In your opinion, what makes your brand so popular in the Middle East? And how would you describe Arab women?
I think that the reason why Middle Eastern women love Genny is that I love to create clothes with a discreet femininity, never ostentatious. I usually prefer fluid shapes and fabrics with refined weaves, delicate and silky touch.

I've always been attracted to the way in which Arab women care for their femininity that they exalt with rituals made of perfumes, precious fabrics and elegance and harmony in their movements.

AM: Finally, what are some of GENNY’s upcoming projects?
We have recently created our first line of bijoux, characterized by strong references to our DNA and in the new FW21 collection just presented in Milan. I presented the collection of sustainable bags and accessories, made of special vegan leather, composed of apple waste.