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Audrey Tritto Talks Jet-setting Lifestyle and The Mr&Mrs Italy Collection


Audrey Tritto
AM: Audrey, please introduce yourself to our readers
I am passionate about fashion, art, cinema, luxury, lifestyle, and everything that makes me curious. I also enjoy traveling and sharing my personal stories. Life up to now has allowed me to experience many opportunities of meeting extraordinary people, giving me unique and unrepeatable moments. It transformed me from a simple observer to an "Insider Blogger" who tells and shares this magical world in which I am lucky enough to live in.

AudreyWorldNews is a world to "travel without traveling", to discover and explore new perspectives of a sparkling and engaging reality. The peculiarity of my storytelling is to create a relationship with luxury in an unconventional manner.
AM: So what first brought you to Instagram? And did you ever expect to gain such a high following?
It all started from my blog and from the desire to share with my friends the travels, stories and tales that were always stored up in my memory and on my phone. With thousands of images collected in exclusive events around the world, and while distance kept me often away from my friends, this has been my way of sharing this world of mine. Here the transition to visibility on social media was quite natural.
AM: Why do you think that brands are very fond of influencers?
Brands are loyal to influencers because they give visibility to their products in real contexts and situations from what communication has done in the past. Digital has brought people closer, and at the same time has taken off the rules of the classic game of communication. Words have been replaced by images, that is to say visual communication which ironically was the first form of storytelling. Think of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, what are they if not a two or three thousand year-old form of Instagram?
AM: People who scroll through your feed might think you have a picture perfect life. Do you think so too?
I believe that people who browse my feed can be attracted to my world, my aesthetics, or my life because I try to show the beautiful things that happen to me. But I don't think that today there can be anyone who believes there is such a thing as a perfect life. And also, what is the concept of perfection? Compared to what? I don't have a perfect life, perfection is research, passion, and in a real world perfection for me is to have the right balance with myself and with the world around me. So I would say with the maximum respect for those who have been unluckier than me that mine is not a perfect life, but I am grateful to life itself that has allowed me to know and appreciate the exclusive side of life.

Audrey Tritto

AM: Where did the idea of the collaboration with Mr&Mrs Italy come from?
The idea of collaborating with Mr&Mrs Italy is perhaps more than all my other collaborations an evolution of the concept of Luxury in Lifestyle. The Mr&Mrs Italy for Audrey Tritto capsule collection interprets my desire to experience the luxury world in a playful and ironic key, where everyday life is seen and interpreted with a touch of luxury. The desire to experiment with contrasting concepts, typical of the the philosophical essence of Mr&Mrs Italy. For example we have garments such as the bomber jacket, or the parka or the sweatshirt with camouflage paillettes.

AM: And how involved were you in the creative process?
The creative process was similar to what a DJ can do with a composer on a song. Obviously, the great composer is the creative team of Mr&Mrs Italy who worked with me by observing my world and interpreting it at its best. We thought a lot about the idea of volumes, which by nature is different from the concept of Mr&Mrs Italy's pieces. And for this reason I liked the challenge of creating something that, while maintaining Mr&Mrs Italy's values, was of different volumes and fittings, something I could wear in my everyday life.
AM: Finally, Are you working on a new capsule collection? Or do you plan to launch your own label at some point?
Now we are focused on this capsule release and on the best way to showcase it, but I don’t exclude the idea of launching a capsule that collects my "best of" in fashion,  a collection of items that I love and that for me are timeless. But that's another story.

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Mr&Mrs Italy for Audrey Tritto

Mr&Mrs Italy for Audrey Tritto
Mr&Mrs Italy for Audrey Tritto