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Galerie Goossens Unveils The Story Of A Couture Goldsmith


Galerie Goossens

A visit to Galerie Goossens on rue Cambon takes you through contemporary and emblematic masterworks the French maison has long been known for.

The star goldsmith Robert Goossens was Coco Chanel’s go-to jeweler. His works were included in many of her collections for over 20 years, supplementing the timeless elegance of Chanel.

Over the years, Robert Goossens started transforming his jewelry, which combined noble and raw materials like metal gilded with fine gold and rock crystals, to decorative art items. Pieces like a trio of bronze lions supporting a crystal globe, a water lily pedestal table and a table with a sheaf of wheat base were among his creations.

Part of the Chanel Métiers d'art, the Maison Goossens works of art were long used by Peter Marino for Chanel's boutiques around the world to showcase the house’s know-how of goldsmithing, jewelry making and sculpting.

Goossens’s connection with raw nature is a recurrent theme and can be seen through sheaves of wheat, water lilies, foliage, corals and shells.

Goossens Chandelier

Goossens Mirror

Goossens Table