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Interview With Creative Director Of NUUN Jewels

NUUN is not your typical jewelry brand as it carries multiple messages in delicately crafted masterpieces. The persona behind it all is HRH Nourah Al Faisal the founder, creative director and a Saudi woman-boss representing the emerging talent from the region.

AM: Can you tell us about your professional background?
I started to design jewelry at a young age mostly as a hobby for friends and family. When I moved to the UK to study interior design I took part in an exhibition and was offered an apprenticeship at an esteemed workshop in Place Vendome Paris where I truly began to learn the craft. I continued to work on commission pieces for about 15 years before I finally felt ready to start NUUN Jewels in 2014. We opened our Parisian boutique on Faubourg Saint-HonorĂ© soon after.

AM: How would you describe the NUUN Jewels universe?
The brand has evolved in style from the more extravagant to a more minimal feel lately, but I believe evolution is essential and look forward to seeing what comes next. However, some things are constant like high quality materials and craftsmanship, and we have moved away from creating collections to making only unique pieces so that each item is a one of a kind. I like to think we operate as the old family jewelers did in the past.

AM: And how is your creative process like?
I usually start with the gemstone as it speaks to what the final piece will be. Occasionally, I will just start experimenting with an idea for a setting or creating a particular shape or pattern, but that is something I do constantly and does not necessarily translate into something immediately. When I am working on a commission piece I try to stay close to the spirit of clients and be inspired by them.

AM: You have chosen Paris for your boutique, why so and not elsewhere?
Practically my network of craftspeople is there but it is also for me one of the major centers of the jewelry world. Having spent a great deal of my childhood there the city supplies me with an endless array of inspiration

AM: And what is your proudest career moment so far?
I would say every time my mother likes a piece of my jewelry. She has an exacting taste and will not say she likes something if she doesn’t. She is my harshest critic and most loyal supporter; I aspire to please her always.

AM: Finally, what is your advice to Arab female designers?
Push your boundaries and do not be afraid to fail for failure is your best teacher and nothing to be afraid of. Work hard the future is yours, you just have to reach for it!

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Ring in yellow gold brushed and 1 round diamond (1,47 carats)

Earrings in yellow gold and 2 pear shaped diamonds (1,38 carats)