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Maye Musk Talks Aging In The New World

By Victor Gee 

While brands employ young individuals to advertise their products and services, an older influential age group seems to be left behind. In fact the United Nation projects that the 60+ years old population will double in the next 30 years. Currently, consumers above 50 control 70% of the U.S. disposable income and 79% in the UK. This age segment, which is often portrayed as frail, inactive or struggling with technology, is more than ever dynamic.

Model Maye Musk is the ideal example. At the age of 69 she became the face of Covergirl Cosmetics and their oldest spokesperson to this date.

Maye was present at a panel discussion during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to talk about her experience as a senior model. Her success story started via Instagram and landed her a contract with the world famous agency, IMG models.

“When I was 67 I walked New York Fashion Week… I am doing global work across the world and continents talking about older people being relevant, stylish, intelligent and contributing to society because I don’t see why we shouldn’t be. I am feeling good about it all,” she explained.

“I think the more you show older people being fashionable, happy and active the more the younger people and older generations will feel positive about aging and not afraid of it… Older people need to impose their presence and prove that businesses need them,” Maye added.

Recently many brands have acknowledged the importance of the 50+ age segment. Lancôme cosmetics hired back actress Isabella Rossellini (now in her 60s), and model Paulina Porizkova posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at 54. Not to mention Jennifer Lopez who is unstoppable at 50 years old!

The panelists insisted that it was the right time to bury the stereotypes and focus on the fact that we are living in a longevity economy. Aging is seen as not ideal, we are brought up to think that our best life is at 30, something that is far from real.

Before it was about age segmentation; an assumption about how an age group behaves, but now it’s more about behavioral segmentation independent of the age. How many youngsters download vintage music and watch classic films? And how many older individuals purchase the latest Nike sneakers?

The new world needs to understand that all ages can be risk takers and have the willingness to try something new. Our mission is not only to challenge about gender and race, but also about age.

Purchase Maye's latest book A Woman Makes A Plan here.